The United Nations The Nippon Foundation of Japan Fellowship Programme
Asia-Pacific Alumni Meeting

Tokyo, Japan (13-15 April 2009)



Front row from left to right:


Mr. Terashima (Executive Director, Ocean Policy Research Foundation), Mr. Nagamitsu (Executive Director, The Nippon Foundation), Mr. Sasakawa (Chairman, The Nippon Foundation of Japan), Ms. Goettsche-Wanli (Deputy Director, Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, Office of Legal Affairs of the United Nations), Prof. Tsamenyi (Director, Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security, University of Wollongong), Prof. Long (Director, Marine Law and Ocean Policy Centre, National University of Ireland Galway), Prof. Duff (Department of Environmental, Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Massachusetts Boston), Prof. Hayashi (Eminent Scholar)


Middle row from left to right:


Ms. Nopparat (Thailand, 2008-2009 Alumni), Ms. Khemakorn (Thailand, 2005-2006 Alumni), Ms. Panjarat (Thailand, 2006-2007 Alumni), Mr. Dong (Viet Nam, 2005-2006 Alumni), Mr. Hoque (Bangladesh, 2005-2006 Alumni), Dr. Bailet (Programme Advisor of the Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, Office of Legal Affairs of the United Nations), Mr. Dundua (Georgia, 2005-2006 Alumni), Mr. Deghani (Iran, 2008-2009 Alumni), Mr. Capahi (Philippines, 2007-2008 Alumni), Mr. Wada (Project Coordinator, The Nippon Foundation of Japan)


Back row from left to right:


Mr. Dorah (Solomon Islands, 2006-2007 Alumni), Mr. Garcia (Philippines, 2005-2006 Alumni), Ms. Natova (Bulgaria, 2005-2006 Alumni), Mr. Siry (Indonesia, 2005-2006 Alumni), Mr. Arsana (Indonesia, 2007-2008 Alumni), space, Mr. Mom (Cambodia, 2005-2006 Alumni), Mr. Mathew (India, 2008-2009 Alumni)




The meeting was hosted by The Nippon Foundation of Japan and brought together the Asia-Pacific Alumni for four days to exchange views and experiences, and gain an understanding of contemporary ocean affairs and law of the sea issues of relevance to their States, the wider region, and the international community. Sessions where facilitated by Prof. Duff, Prof. Long and Prof. Tsamenyi who had previously served as co-supervisors for many Alumni of the region. Presentations are available in PDF format here.



Chairman Sasakawa opens the meeting --- fellowship academic co-supervisors during opening



Prof. Tsamenyi addresses meeting opening on behalf of academic host institution network



Mr. Arsana addresses meeting opening as alumni representative



Mr. Nagamitsu and Ms. Goettsche-Wanli
address the opening reception



Mr. Terashima (Executive Director, Ocean Policy and Research Foundation) and Prof. Hayashi, with contributions from Prof. Okuwaki, Prof. Yagi and Prof. Huh (University of Tokyo), provided the group with a half-day special segment on the new Japanese Basic Ocean Law and Policy, the status of UNCLOS implementation by Japan, fisheries management and joint development zones, which was held on the beautiful campus of the University of Tokyo.



Mr. Terashima and Prof. Hayashi presenting the Japanese case



Prof. Okuwaki, Prof. Huh, and Prof. Yagi of the University of Tokyo addressing group



Mr. Ai (Director, Ocean Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan) hosted the group for a morning session and graciously provided a briefing on Japans current foreign policy with respect to oceans which was followed by a comprehensive exchange of views on various contemporary issues.


Mr. Ai addressing group at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


The Alumni also engaged in a day-long team-building and leadership exercise which saw them competed in three teams as they discovered Japanese culture and the Tokyo cityscape. Team Reza won the event with team Andi placing second (due to penalties incurred) and team Hendra third. A photo tribute to the team can be found here, congratulations!


Three teams prepare their strategies before setting off into Tokyo



The meeting closed on the final day with a visioning session for the Asia-Pacific Alumni, during which they exchanged views on possible structures and functions of an Alumni Network. This session concluded with a firm commitment by the Asia-Pacific Alumni to engage the wider group of Alumni, and to produce a quarterly news letter, establish an Alumni website ( and to disseminate Alumni and Programme information.


Short video of meeting highlights compiled by The Nippon Foundation of Japan is available here


Proceedings for the meeting will be made available on the Fellowship website.



(photos courtesy of The Nippon Foundation of Japan and F. Bailet)