Oceans and Law of the Sea

2-6 June 2003

Last updated 20 June 2003

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Discussion Panel A on Safety of Navigation; for example, Capacity-building for the Production of Nautical Charts




No. 1
Rear Admiral Richard West President

Consortium for Oceanographic Research and Education

*Safety of Navigation, with special reference to Nautical Charts (1.25Mb

No. 2
Rear Admiral Kenneth Barbor
Director, IHB


IHO’s Capacity-building Programme

No. 3
Mr. Yves Desnoës, Director

Service Hydrographique de la Marine Française (SHOM)

*The Development of the Electronic Chart and its Application (part 1, 1Mb) (en français)
The Development of the Electronic Chart and its Application (part 2) (en français)

No. 4
Ms. Anne Christine Brusendorff
Professional Secretary

Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM)

Recent Measures Taken or Proposed by the Helsinki Commission to Improve the Safety of Navigation and the Protection of the Environment in the Baltic Sea

No. 5
Mr. Gaetano Librando
Senior Legal Officer, Legal Office


Routeing of Ships and PSSAs

Discussion Panel B on Protecting Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems




No. 1
Prof. Daniel Pauly

The Sea Around Us Project, Fisheries Centre 
University of British Columbia

*Destructive Fishing Practices, including Over-fishing and types of Fishing Gear that Damage Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems (1.7Mb)

No. 2
Mrs. Diana Ponce-Nava
Deputy Attorney-General for the Environment


*Coral Reefs (0.7Mb)

No. 3
Prof. Olav Orheim, Director

Norwegian Polar Institute

*Protecting the Arctic Ecosystem (part 1. 0.5Mb)
Protecting the Arctic Ecosystem (part 2)

No. 4
Mr. Tim Adams, Director, Marine Resources

Secretariat of the Pacific Community

*Near-shore Habitats in the Pacific (part 1, 2.6Mb)
Near-shore Habitats in the Pacific (part 2)

No. 5
Mr. Matthew Gianni, Consultant

International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN)

*Seamounts (1Mb)


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