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Sequential control number assigned manually.

In voting records, the Record ID always starts with capital letter «V».


035 $a V0009415
[DHL Record ID for voting record]

The voting record workform contains a dummy voting Record ID that must be changed manually. For voting records of General Assembly resolutions adopted without vote and Security Council resolutions, the Record ID number is stored in:

There are 5 important steps that must be followed when retrieving the number:
  1. Open the file in MS Word.
  2. The file contains a Record ID number, for example, V0009420. Copy the number.
  3. Change it to the next consecutive number, for example: V0009421.
  4. Press ENTER key.
  5. Save the s:\adhoc\recordid\voterec.txt and close it.
A new number will be stored in the file for the next voting record.

In tag 035 of the voting record, use the number that was copied from the file - V0009420.


035 $a V0009420
[DHL Record ID for voting record]

Note: The voting records of General Assembly resolutions adopted with vote are usually machine-generated during the vote import process. The Record ID is automatically generated by Horizon and should not be changed.

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