UNBIS Guidelines for Specific Types of UN Documents and Publications


Table of Contents

I. Monographs – General principles and guidelines

A. Bibliographic treatment
B. Subject analysis and indexing of UN monographs
C. Revised editions and reissued works

II. Continuing resources (serials)

A. Serials: Bibliographic level s
B. Individual issues of serials: Bibliographic level d
C. Serial analytics: Bibliographic level b

III. Specific types of UN documents and publications

A. Works requiring less extensive analysis

1. Bibliographies, catalogues, etc.
2. Confidential restricted documents
3. Corrigenda
4. Press releases and press reviews
5. Public information brochures and pamphlets
6. Serial records (bibliographic level s)
7. Subsidiary bodies of UNECE and the UN Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods and the Globally Harmonized System

B. Works of an organizational, administrative or procedural nature

1. Administrative issuances
2. Agendas
3. Budgets (UN)
4. Calendars/Lists of meetings
5. Lists of members; candidates for election or appointment; election of officers; tributes to members of UN bodies
6. Lists of participants
7. Lists of permanent missions to the UN
8. Orders of the day
9. Representatives’ credentials
10. Rules of procedure
11. Terms of reference
12. Work programmes

C. Conference papers (collections and individual papers)
D. Letters and notes verbales
E. Meeting records
F. NGO written statements
G. President's statements
H. Reports of sessional committees of the GA and ECOSOC
I. Reports of UN bodies (annual or sessional)
J. Resolutions/decisions and draft resolutions/decisions of UN bodies
K. Statements of financial implications of draft resolutions
L. Statistical publications
M. UN human rights treaty body documentation
N. Universal Periodic Review documentation


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