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When a speaker addresses the UN on an agenda item, the agenda information as established in an UNBIS authority record is added in field 991.
In one meeting, a speaker may speak on one or more agenda subjects.


In A/58/PV.18, Ms. Meira Rita from Sao Tome and Principe spoke on the following agenda items:

991 1 _ $a A/58/251 $b 47 $c Follow-up to the outcome of the 26th special session : implementation of the Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. $d UN. GENERAL ASSEMBLY (26th SPECIAL SESS. : 2001)--FOLLOW-UP
991 1
_ $a A/58/251 $b 57 $c United Nations reform : measures and proposals. $d UN--ORGANIZATIONAL REFORM
991 1
_ $a A/58/251 $b 78 $c Strengthening of security and cooperation in the Mediterranean region. $d INTERNATIONAL SECURITY--MEDITERRANEAN REGION
991 1
_ $a A/58/251 $b 94 $c Further implementation of the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States. $d SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT--DEVELOPING ISLAND COUNTRIES--CONFERENCES (1994 : BRIDGETOWN)--FOLLOW-UP
991 1
_ $a A/58/251 $b [305] $d TAIWAN (CHINA)

Each item or subitem is attached as a separate 991 field, in numerical order. For every agenda item number, a separate authority record is created consisting of:

    Agenda document symbol (991 subfield $a),
    Agenda item number (991 subfield $b),
    Agenda title (991 subfield $c); and
    Agenda subject (991 subfield $d).
Note: Although the Security Council does not have its own agenda, «artificial» agenda items are created to aid in searching material by topics discussed; Security Council agenda item records have subjects (subfield $d) but not titles (subfield $c).


991 3 _ $a S/59 $b [89] $d LIBERIA SITUATION

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