Identifies specific publication(s) or output(s) in which the series symbol information is to appear, such as the United Nations Documents Index or the United Nations Document Series Symbols

Consists of a minimum of three and a maximum of eight alphanumeric characters in coded form. The entire code is recorded in subfield $a.

The first 3 alphabetic characters indicate the Library product in which the bibliographic record will appear.
Currently, Product Code UND is recorded in subfield $a to include series symbol information in the UN Documents Index publication;
Product Code SYM is recorded in subfield $a to include series symbol information in the UN Document Series Symbols publication.
Optionally 4 to 5 characters are added to indicate the specific issue or date for recurring publications.

Multiple Product Codes may be assigned in separate 930 fields.


All current Series Symbol records contain the following 930 tag:

930 $a SYMXXX98
[For new entries starting from 1997]

Older records may contain the following tags:

930 $a UDIQ403
[For an item included in United Nations Documents Index, covering 1 Jan.-31 Mar. 2004]

930 $a CUM83
[For an item included in the September 1983 UNDOC: Current Index, New document series symbols section]

930 $a SYMXXX92
[For new entries up to 1996]

930 $a SYMXXX97
[For entries created for special project to include the 1946-1977 data into the electronic database]

930 $a UNDQ298
[For an item appearing in the publication UNDOC: Current Index, 2nd quarter, 1998]

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