By UNBIS practice, only the English language version of UN documents and publications is indexed, when it is available, so titles of most documents can only be searched in English. To allow searching by titles of certain types of UN publications in other language versions, tag 767 is added in the following cases:

  • Unsymbolled UN publications (required)
  • UN sales publications (required for French and Spanish editions since November 2008)
  • Symbolled publications that are shelved by call number, such as monographic series
  • Symbolled publications for which the document symbol is not printed on the item or is not evident
  • Symbolled publications where different language versions are issued under different document symbols

Do not use 767 for variant language titles in case of a multilingual item with parallel titles, however; parallel titles are recorded in field 246.

A separate 767 field should be added for each additional language version.

A 3-letter code for the language version is entered in 767 subfield $9 (corresponding to the language codes used in field 041).

The following subfields are used in tag 767:

    $9 - 3-letter language code.
    $o - United Nations document symbol, if different from symbol recorded in 191 $a.
    $t - Title. The first indicator value is 0; leave the second indicator blank. Omit initial words which are articles («The», «A», «Le», «Les», etc.)
    $z - ISBN, if any.
    $x - ISSN, if any.

Record the symbol of the other language version as it appears on the item, omitting bracketed prefixes, in 767 $o followed by the title in subfield $t.


041 0_ $a engfre
245 10 $a Human development report. $n 2003, $p Millennium Development Goals : $b a compact among nations to end human poverty
595 $a Library also has French ed.
767 0_ $9 fre $t Rapport mondial sur le développement humain. 2003, Les objectifs du Millénaire pour le développement : un pacte entre les pays pour vaincre la pauvreté humaine $z 2717847006

041 0_ $a arachiengfrerusspa
245 10 $a Minority rights
592 $a Library also has ed. in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.
767 0_ $9 ara $t Huquq al-aqaliyat
767 0_ $9 chi $t Shao shu ren quan li
767 0_ $9 fre $t Droits des minorités
767 0_ $9 rus $t Prava men'shinstv
767 0_ $9 spa $t Derechos de las minorías

041 0_ $a engfrespa
245 10 $a IAEA bulletin
592 $a Library also has ed. in French and Spanish.
767 10 $9 fre $t AIEA bulletin $x 0020-6067
767 10 $9 spa $t AIEA bulletin $x 0534-7297

041 0_$a engfre
191 $a ITC/P140.E/PMD/MDS/02-VIII
245 10 $a Coffee : $b an exporter's guide
767 0_ $9 fre $o ITC/P140.F/PMD/MDS/02-VIII $t Café : guide de l'exportateur $z 9291372560

041 0_$a engfre
191 $a [ST/GEN/]INF/2009/1

191 $b
*** $z INF/2009/1

245 10 $a Universal Declaration of Human Rights

260 $a
Geneva : $b UN, $c Mar. 2009

500 $a
French ed. published Oct. 2008 under document symbol INF/2009/8.

767 0_ $9 fre $o INF/2008/9 $t Déclaration universelle des droits de l’homme

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