Authority-controlled field.

This MARC21 field was made obsolete in 2008 to simplify the series area.
From March 2009, fields 490 and 830 are used in UNBIS for series title statements and series title added entries, even when the series statement on the item is exactly the same as the authorized series title.

However, field 440 may still be used in some cases in order to collocate related materials by creating a series title added entry, when no series statement appears on the items and when other fields present in the record (e.g. titles, document series symbols, subjects, content codes) do not adequately collocate related items.

In current UNBIS practice, a period is not placed at the end of field 440.


191 $a A/HRC/WG.6/5/CAF/1
245 10 $a Rapport national présenté conformément au paragraphe 15(a) de l'annexe à la resolution 5/1 du Conseil des droits de l'homme : $b [Examen périodique universel] : République centrafricaine
440 _0 $a Universal Periodic Review. National report

245 10 $a Exercices de grammaire en contexte / $c Anne Akyüz ... [et al.]
440 _0 $a LRC French collection. Elementary level. Grammar

The following guidelines and examples show the UNBIS practice prior to March 2009:

When the series statement appearing on the item is the same as the title in the authority record (excepting capitalization and the number of the volume) it should be added to tag 440 $a.

The ISSN, if any, is recorded in subfield $x. If the ISSN is recorded in subfield $x, it is not necessary to record it also in field 022.
[Note: Prior to Nov. 2003 the ISSN was not recorded in the Series statement/added title entry (tag 440). The ISSN was recorded only in the Series statement (tag 490) and a Series added title entry was recorded in tag 830]

The number of the volume is entered in subfield $v.

Do not precede subfields $x and $v by punctuation. Punctuation preceding subfields $x and $v will be generated automatically in bibliographic displays.

If the series statement appearing on the item is not the same as the title in the authority record, transcribe the series statement in field 490 as it appears on the item, and attach the authorized series title in field 830.

If an authority record for the Series Title does not exist, a new authority record is created.

If no series statement appears on a publication, but it is known to belong to a series (for example, an ISSN for a series appears on the publication although the series title does not appear, or the title is identified from a source outside the item as belonging to a series), record the series title between square brackets in tag 490 and attach the authorized Series Title in tag 830.


440 _0 $a Human rights fact sheet $x 1014-5567 $v no. 135
[on item: Human Rights Fact Sheet no. 135, ISSN 1014-5567]

440 _0 $a MAP technical reports series $v no. 135
[on item: MAP Technical Reports Series No. 135]

490 _0 $a MAP technical report $v no. 145
830 _0 $a MAP technical reports series $v no. 145
[Series statement appearing on item differs from the authority-controlled series title]

490 _0 $a [UNCTAD series on trade negotiations and commercial diplomacy] $x 1816-5540
830 _0 $a UNCTAD series on trade negotiations and commercial diplomacy
[No series statement appears on item, but ISSN for the series appears; series title is recorded between square brackets in tag 490]

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