This field contains mathematical data associated with cartographic material, including a statement of scale, statement of projection and/or a statement of bounding coordinates.

The coordinates can represent a bounding rectangle, the outline of the area covered, and/or the outline of an interior area not covered.

For celestial charts, it may also contain a statement of zone, declination data, and/or right ascension data and/or equinox.


245 10 $a Tourist Map of Sydney $h [cartographic material]
255 $a Scale 1:100,000

245 11 $a [Atlantic Ocean floor] $h [cartographic material]
255 $a Scale 1:31,860,000 ; $b Mercator proj.

245 10 $a Indian Ocean : $b azimuthal equidistant projection
center[ed at 13 degrees 00 minutes S, 76 degrees 00 minutes E]
$h [cartographic material]
255 $a Scale [ca. 1:70,000,000] ; $b azimuthal equidistant proj.

245 10 $a Geological map of the Maltese Islands $h [cartographic material]
255 $a Scale 1: 25,000 $c (E 14000'-E 14035'/N 36005'-N 35048')

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