Identifies the edition of a publication. Record the edition statement using AACR2 standard abbreviations [AACR2 rule 1.2B].
Parallel language edition statements may be recorded in subfield 250 $b.
A statement of authorship or responsibility related to the edition may also be included in subfield $b. Place a period at the end of the edition statement.


250 $a 2nd rev. ed.
[on item: Second revised edition]

250 $a 2nd ed., 1988 revision.
[on item: Second edition 1988 revision; the word "revision" is not abbreviated]

250 $a [New ed.]

250 $a 3e [éd.]
[the word «édition» does not appear on the item]

250 $a Prelim. draft.
[on item: Preliminary draft]

250 $a Draft unedited version.

250 $a Rev. and updated ed. = $b Ed. rev. et mise ŕ jour.
[Parallel edition statement on multilingual English-French item]

250 $a 4th ed. / $b revised by J.G. Le Mesurier.

250 $a Rev. ed. / $b with revisions and an introduction by Paul Watson.

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