Omission of part/volume indicators

The UN sales number is recorded in subfield $a. The initial language prefix is omitted. Part or volume indicators are omitted.


079 $a 02.II.D.12
[appears on publication: E.02.II.D.12]

079 $a GV.02.0.3
[appears on publication: E.GV.02.0.3]

079 $a 00.V.11
[appears on publication: E.00.V.11 (Part 1)]

If the UN sales number does not appear on the publication, it may be found in another source such as the UN Publications Catalogue or other official source.


079 $a 03.III.B.1
500 $a UN sales no. not printed.
596 $a Source for UN sales no.: UN Sales Office list no. 218.
[the user is informed in a General Note that the sales no. is not printed on the publication; the source used is recorded in a local Library Note]

When a UN sales number is recorded in 079, then a 089 $b (Content
Code) B13 is required.

Corrigenda to sales publications

When a corrigendum is issued to a UN sales publication as a separate document, record the UN sales number in tag 079 on the record for the corrigendum followed by a comma and the word Corrigendum (no space precedes the word Corrigendum).


079 $a 07.VIII.1,Corrigendum
191 $a ST/SG/AC.10/1/Rev.15/Corr.1
245 10 $a Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. $p Model Regulations : $b corrigendum 1

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