780 PRECEDING ENTRY - Indicators

First indicator

    0 note will be displayed with system-generated terms and phrases (display constants) based on the second indicator value.
    1 system-generated note will not be displayed.
Second indicator

The following second indicator values will generate the display constants shown when the first indicator value is 0:

    0 displays as Continues:
    1 displays as Continues in part:
    2 displays as Supersedes:
    3 displays as Supersedes in part:
    4 displays as Formed by the union of: and:
    [when the 2nd indicator value of 4 is used, the 1st indicator value is 1 and an explanatory note is recorded in tag 580]
    5 displays as Absorbed:
    6 displays as Absorbed in part:
    7 displays as Separated from:

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