First indicator
Type of personal name entry element. A value that indicates the form of the entry element of the name:
    0    Forename
    The name is a forename or is a name consisting of words, initials, letters, etc., that are formatted in direct order.
    1    Surname
    The name is a single or multiple surname formatted in inverted order or a single name without forenames that is known to be a surname.
    3   Family name
    The name represents a family, clan, dynasty, house, or other such group and may be formatted in direct or inverted order.

Second indicator
A value that indicated the subject heading system/thesaurus or authority file that was used to construct the subject heading.
(Values 0-3 and 5-6 are authoritative-agency data elements not used in UNBIS).

UNBIS uses Value=7 only.

    7   Source specified in subfield $2.
    The subject added entry conforms to the subject Heading/thesaurus building conventions identified by the USMARC code contained in subfield $2.

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