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Drafting Committee on an International Bill of Human Rights, 2nd session
3-21 May
Lake Success, New York

During its second session, the Drafting Committee considered comments from governments. Many delegations still hoped that there could be both a declaration and a covenant on human rights, and most of the discussion concerned the draft covenant.

The Drafting Committee considered suggestions received from other bodies, including the:

a) United Nations Conference on Freedom of Information, held March-April, 1948 in Geneva, E/Conf.6/79;
b) Commission on the Status of Women, E/615;
c) American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man, as adopted by the Ninth International Conference of American States, Bogota, Colombia, March-May 1948.

The Drafting Committee report on its second session was submitted to the third session of the Commission on Human Rights, E/CN.4/95. Its Annex A contains a redraft of the Draft International Declaration of Human Rights and Annex B contains a re-draft of the Draft International Convenant on Human Rights. The Drafting Committee did not have sufficient time to study the question of implementation as they had been directed by E/RES/116(VI)F (E/CN.4/95).

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