Meetings conducted by the Security Council in 2019
(in reverse chronological order)
Date Press
Topic Security Council
Outcome / Vote
S/PV.8448 18 January SC/13669 The situation in Libya --
S/PV.8447 (closed) 17 January none issued Meeting of the Security Council with the troop - and police - contributing countries pursuant to resolution 1353 (2001), annex II, sections A and B - Cyprus Communiqué
S/PV.8446 17 January SC/13668 Reports of the Secretary-General on the Sudan and South Sudan --
S/PV.8445 16 January SC/13665 The situation in Mali --
S/PV.8444 16 January SC/13664 The situation in the Middle East S/RES/2452 (2018)
S/PV.8443 11 January SC/13662 The situation concerning the Democratic Republic of the Congo --
S/PV.8442 10 January SC/13661 Peace consolidation in West Africa --
S/PV.8441 9 January SC/13659 The situation in the Middle East --
S/PV.8440 3 January SC/13654 The situation in Somalia --