United Nations Dag Hammarskjöld Library

Workshop participants at Suwon Campus UniversityWorkshop on Accessing UN Information and Documentation for Depository Librarians in the Republic of Korea, 23-25 May 2006, Kyung Hee University, Suwon Campus, Yongin

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As the first partnership project between the Department of Public Information (DPI) and Kyung Hee University (KHU), three staff members of the Dag Hammarskjöld Library (DHL) conducted a Workshop on Accessing UN Information and Documentation for Librarians in the Republic of Korea.

The Participants:
9 depository libraries – 24 librarians
(17 depository librarians and 7 librarians from other universities in Korea).

Goals of the Workshop:

  • Enhance effectiveness of the UN depository libraries in the Republic of Korea
  • Upgrade librarians’ technical skills
  • Identify common problems as perceived by local librarians
  • Create a model for workshop in other countries to host similar training.

Round-Table and Group Discussions:

  • New directions of depository libraries
    • Provide leadership in publicizing United Nations documents, publications and training users
    • Active participation in promoting global issues on the UN agenda, the Millennium Development Goals, UN conferences, events, international years and decades

  • Future role of the UN depository libraries
    • Serve as important focal points for outreach activities of the United Nations at the local level

  • Proposed action plan for outreach activities of depository libraries:
    • Briefings on the UN collection during student orientation sessions
    • Promotion of the use of United Nations documents and publications for teaching
    • Posting information on the UN collection on the Internet/Intranet
    • Preparation of brochures and user guides for the UN collection
    • Conducting training in the UN website searching and use of UN databases
    • Round-table meetings and seminars on UN-related issues
    • Translation of important UN documents in local language(s)
    • Cooperation with UNIC/UNDP offices, other UN agencies in the country

  • Challenges that Korean depository librarians are facing:
    • Making people interested in the UN documentation
    • Lack of recognition (low status of the librarian’s profession)
    • Excessive mobility of staff (depository librarians are required to move to other sections of the library every two years)
    • Lack of expertise in the UN documentation
    • Poor knowledge of users
    • Lack of training opportunities
    • Shortage of space
    • Budget cuts

  • Opportunities for depository librarians in Korea:
    • Create an Online Association of Depository Librarians in the Republic of Korea
    • Transform depository libraries in the UN resource centres in the country
    • Organize UN documentation training for users, media centres, non-governmental organizations
    • Provide UN information, support outreach activities, promote UN-related issues
    • Organize UN Cyber-cafes
    • Cooperate with the network of United Nations libraries
    • Develop partnership with the Outreach Support Unit of the DHL
    • Propose an official internship program at the DHL