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The Depository Library System is an important part of outreach efforts of the United Nations. As such, the United Nations strongly encourages all depositories to organize events and activities on a regular basis to publicize their United Nations collections to a wider audience.

While the United Nations cannot support events financially, it may be possible to provide promotional materials to an organizing library if informed far in advance; Please contact
the Coordinator, Depository Libraries for that purpose.

The following are archives of events undertaken by depository Libraries (Note: Depositories wishing to use the United Nations emblem or flag must obtain permission from the United Nations.):

The United Nations at 65 - Missouri State University (DL-388)
Missouri State University’s Meyer Library and the Springfield, MO chapter of the United Nations Association (UNA-USA) hosted  Dr. Donald Lee, discussing the significant achievements of – and challenges facing – the United Nations at 65. 

Dr. Lee, (at that time – since retired) Senior Development Economist with the UN’s Department of Economic and Social Affairs, spoke eloquently about the UN’s role in development, poverty eradication and employment creation, emphasizing our connectedness as a global society. 

The United Nations at 65 - Missouri State University (DL-388)
The United Nations at 65 - Missouri State University (DL-388)   The United Nations at 65 - Missouri State University (DL-388)

Dr. Lee was kind enough to meet with students from Missouri State and Drury University prior to his speech, and was the guest of honor at a reception afterwards in Meyer Library’s UN depository..

The British Library (DL-47) London. United Kingdom, (October 2010)
British Library National Postgraduate Training Day for the Social Sciences
The British Library continues to run a number of events and programmes to promote the United Nations collections. Most recently, the librarians participated in the British Library National Postgraduate Training Day for the Social Sciences. In this they ran a session entitled “Hidden Collections: IGO Resources in the British Library” and explored and showcased United Nations Documents and resources to researchers embarking on their PhD studies. Central to the British Library's exploitation strategy is to illustrate the relevance of the United Nations collections across a number of subject disciplines.
In addition to this annual event, an ongoing programme of staff training is undertaken to ensure that staff are familiar with the depth and breadth of The British Library’s United Nations collections. This allows them to draw on these collections when answering enquiries and advising Library users. 

To support researchers in the Reading Rooms a Social Sciences Reference Guide has been produced on the UN Collections housed at the British Library.  This document is available in print and online at the following link:
Finally, for day to day dissemination of information, theyre is a dedicated international organisations Twitter feed, IntOrgBL, which is used for raising awareness of recently published documentation, resources and programmes of the United Nations and the wider intergovernmental organisation community.!/IntOrgsBL
British Library National Postgraduate Training Day for the Social Sciences British Library National Postgraduate Training Day for the Social Sciences

St. John's University School of Law (DL-358), New York. (October 2010)
St. John's University School of Law (DL-358)

The Reference/Government Collections librarian, Ms Rosemary LaSala, was asked to co-teach a class for law students on Human Rights research. Inspired by this topic, her department created a display for the yearly United Nations exhibition that focused on the Declaration of Human
Rights and Human rights issues.

The Bulletin Board displays the Declaration of Human Rights and some items from the collection that pertain to Human Rights and Human Rights issues were shown on a table.

St. John's University School of Law (DL-358) St. John's University School of Law (DL-358) St. John's University School of Law (DL-358)

UNIC Tokyo: annual two-day training session for UN Depository Libraries (Sep. 2010)

On 2 and 3 September, UNIC Tokyo organized the annual two-day training session for UN Depository Libraries in Tokyo. A dozen non-UN depository libraries also participated as observers including university and municipal libraries, marking an important milestone in our efforts to expand the network of partner libraries in Japan.   

At the beginning of the meeting, the participants reported on their outreach activities of the past year including photographs showing their activities.  The UNIC Director, who later delivered a lecture on UN and recent developments, commended their efforts, expressed appreciation and encouraged the participants to continue their efforts and to strengthen their collaboration and partnership within the network. 

UNIC staff led the training session including briefings including on UN documentation on ICJ and ICC and development-related databases. Ms. Junko Sato, recently retired UN official and expert UN librarian, was invited as a guest speaker to deliver a lecture on Hammarskjold Library.  Model UN students also briefed on their activities. 

Group photo of participants to the annual training session for UN Depository Libraries in Tokyo

University of Macau Library, China (March 2009)
University of Macau Library
University of Macau Library

University of Macau Library

University of Macau Library
University of Macau Library
On a recent visit to New York, Ms Helen Ieong shared with us her experience as a Depository Library at the University of Macau in China. Helen organizes regular activities to promote the United Nations collections and issues. She has also been providing the students with training classes on UN documents and other subjects.
University of Macau Library
University of Macau Library

Freie Universität Berlin (DL-135), Germany (Dec. 2008-Feb. 2009)

The Depository Library of Freie Universitaet Berlin has prepared an exhibition on account of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Main speaker at the opening of the exhbit was Prof. Dr. Herta Daeubler-Gmelin, MdB (Member of Bundestag, German Parliament). The showing of this exhibit had a lot of positive feedback during its duration.

For more information regarding this event, please consult the Freie Universität website (Available in German) . For more photos, you may also visit the online gallery.

Biblioteca Argentina "Dr. Juan Alvarez" (DL-138), Argentina. (2008)
Biblioteca Argentian "Dr Juan Alvarez"

The "Dr. Juan Alvarez" United Nations Depository Library of Rosario, Argentina, organizes frequent exhibits and events geared towards UN themes.

In 2008, the 60th Anniversary of the Declaration on Human Rights received a lot of a interest and was widely visited by the members of the community.

A general assembly was also held to highlight the rights of children.

Biblioteca Argentian "Dr Juan Alvarez"
Biblioteca Argentian "Dr Juan Alvarez"

Russian State Library, Moscow, Russian Federation (Mar. 2005)

An initiative from UNIC Moscow led to the UN Country Team in Russia, jointly with the Russian State Library to organize a book exhibit entitled "The United Nations at Sixty: A System that Works for You". The event proved there is a high level of interest in the UN amid the Russian Civil Society. A round table discussion "Beijing at Ten: Achieving Gender Equality, Development and Peace" was held following this event.


University of Macau Library, Macau, China (Mar. 2005)

An Open Day activity was held in the library lobby of the University of Macau where an exhibition on International Organisations was displayed. Public users were entertained with a quiz game. The exhibition stimulated a public awareness on information about the UN.


Kerala University Library, Trivandrum, India (Oct. 2004)
An exhibition of UN and World Bank publications was organized for two weeks that attracted much media coverage, as well as an enthusiastic and energetic involvement of the reading community and resulted in a request for publications from other agencies such as W.H.O, F.A.O etc.

Osmania University Library, Hyderabad, India (Oct. 2004)
During a week-long UN Day celebration, a book exhibit was organized and a number of speeches were made on the changing role of the UN and the International Year of Rice and food security. More than 200 people attended.

University of Macau Library, Macau, China (Oct. 2004)

The Documentation Centre made an appearance again at the annual Macao International Trade & Investment Fair. Elaborate displays not only attracted visitors but were also very informative to those who knew little about the depository library.


Workshop on UN documentation, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Oct. 2004)

From East and West Africa, 18 depository librarians came to participate in the workshop. Hands-on sessions, special presentations and roundtable discussions all enriched their knowledge and skills in researching UN documentation using print and online tools.


Biblioteca Depositaria de las Naciones Unidas y Habitat, Mar del Plata, Argentina
(Sept. 2004 & June 2004)
(Sept. 2004) The depository library, together with the "Information Service to the Community" office, participated in the Fifth Expo Educativa, which welcomed nearly 6,000 students who came to learn various educational options available in Buenos Aires.

(June 2004) At the First Congress of Educators of the Mercosur, the depository library held a book exhibit and offered up-to-date bibliographical information on education and training to the participants.

Conference of the Japanese depository libraries, Tokyo, Japan (Sept. 2004)
Their 36th annual conference, hosted by UN Information Centre in Tokyo, served as a forum to exchange views and experience among the 13 depository libraries in Japan.

University of Iowa, USA (August 2004)
At the Iowa State Fair, the depository librarian talked about UN documents at his library and demonstrated CyberSchoolBus, which was fun for the children. Information on the UN successfully delivered!

South African Institute of International Affairs, Johannesburg, South Africa (June 2004)
The South African Institute of International Affairs held a number of sessions offering guidance on the UN collection to interns, research staff and students in International Relations at the University of the Witwaterstrand.

Depository Libraries in the Russian Federation (May 2004)
The depository librarians got together at the UN Information Centre in Moscow for training whose main focus was on the UN documentation and use of UN databases.

National Library of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia (Oct. 2003)
The National Library of Armenia, together with the UN Office in Armenia, organized a UN Day Exhibition, where major UN publications at these two entities were displayed. Their collaboration has been successful to reach out to a larger audience.

University of Macau Library, Macau, China (Oct. 2003)
The Documentation Centre of the International Library participated in the Macau International Trade & Development Fair, the largest exhibition in Macau, and publicized the UN material at the Centre. The organizer of the Fair provided the Documentation Centre with a free booth in a prominent area. A quiz game on the UN-related topics attracted many visitors.

Biblioteca Nacional "Jose Marti", Havana, Cuba (Oct. 2003)
The United Nations Group organized a book exhibit on the occasion of the United Nations Day.

Conference of the Japanese depository libraries, Tokyo, Japan (Sept. 2003)
The Japanese depository librarians got together to share knowledge in UN topics and reference tools as well as to exchange views and experiences. Organized by the UN Information Centre in Tokyo, it was the 35th conference.

Workshop on UN documentation, Pretoria, South Africa (Jul/Aug 2003)
13 depository librarians and 3 UN staff members from southern Africa assembled in Pretoria for a 3-day workshop.

Mississippi State University, USA (May 2003)
"United Nations : Bringing the World to Mississippi" was the title of the one-day workshop organized and conducted by the Government Document Department. Librarians from Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee participated.

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