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2012 Survey - Results
I. Confirmation of compliance with the conditions of deposit
Note: Responses collected in this section of the survey (Questions 1-3) are for internal use only and are not published in these results.
VIII. Please provide the current SHIPPING ADDRESS
Note: Responses collected in this section of the survey (Question 37) are for internal use only and are not published in these results.
VII. Please share with us any additional comments or ideas that would help us to improve the Depository Library programme.

I'm new to the position-- training would be particularly helpful.

- Speed up effort to scan retrospective UN documents and and also scan backfile of UN publications.  
-Create one source for digital content (NOT one for documents and a separate one for publications) 
-  Provide specialized training for UN treaty finding tools and databases.  
- Tell us more about geospatial data that might be available from the UN (data in GIS or shapefile formats). 
Thanks for your good work and good communication!

We often miss certain issues of periodicals and serials that we are supposed to receive regularly. The claims process for these is very confusing.

We appreciate any promotion of the UN Depository Libraries at the national and international level.  Model UN and other programs need to continue to support use of the UN Depository Libraries, including distribution of printed promotional materials.

Training would be wonderful, as well as ideas for getting users to come to the library to use the collection.

1. It would be great if the MARC records in UNBISNET, especially those with links to online documents in ODS, could be made available to libraries for batch download into our library catalogs. This would have an impact of the visibility and find-ability of individual UN records and publications. 
2. Consider working with the LOCKSS program to create a method for digitally preserving the contents of ODS, and other publications on the UN websites.  
3. Prominently display the use rights/copyright of UN materials so that it is easy for Librarians and Users to understand/access it. 
4. For the upcoming eCollection, it would be great if you asked the Depository Libraries to beta test it. 
5. Thank you for continuing the digitization of UN Official Records and for the updates you send out. These are very helpful.

The mass publications are not followed still indeed, numbers are missing. A few collections are not complete. And we also receive numbers double, in the same language, it's not necessary.

More training for Staff; Visiting Pondicherry University and giving wide Publicity and conducting workshops by UN Librarians.

Le mouvement vers l'éléctronique est une très bonne initiative, mais j'aimerais que l'ONU garantie la pérénité des documents en ligne (liens stables, utilisation des fichiers PDF/A pour mieux garantir l'accès à l'avenir, etc., comme d'autres organisations internationales, tel que l'Union européene).

We appreciate very much the work the Dag Hammarskjold Library does to make the complex documentation of the UN accessible to the academic community and public and  assist depository librarians in helping them.

Please put in digital form also all new books and journals

More online training material that can be used for student groups would be helpful

1.Could you please arrange contact persons for UN Headquarter and Offices at Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi seperately? It may be useful for improving the distribution of publications.
2.Is it possible to change the way of claims of publications? It's better to use electronic method to provide our claims.

Metadata should be available to integrated search systems like SUMMON, PRIME etc. OpenURL complient e-rss. would be found and used

Ya que la mayoria de documentos oficiales esta disponible on line. Lo que encuentro a faltar es el envio de publicaciones de referencia y divulgativa.

Mayor conocimiento del organigrama y la organización documental de Naciones Unidas.

The online resources are not intuitive to use and our clients require assistance. A more straightforward interface would be welcome

Se requiere capacitación en el uso de los recursos de información de las Naciones Unidas para su mejor aprovechamiento.

Principalmente Capacitacion para manejar documentacion de las Naciones Unidas

As the UN Depository, I would like to take lead in our institution in establishing digital library on UN information Resources and its tools to enhance disseminating information regarding the UN Programms. Thus  hands-on training is required to improve skills set and knowledge of the librarians or information professional. Follow by sending the Course materials (Power point files).

Support for:
1.Equipment: 2  Dedicated Desktop/s WorkStation/s with Accessories for Internet Searching; -1 Medium Printer with accessories and supplies/consumables for initial start ups; -1 medium Photocopier (with accessories and supplies/consumables for initial start ups) 3.Training as proposed in 31/32 above.

Existe-t-il un outil pour valider la réception des documents que nous recevons pour s'assurer que nous les avons tous? Est-ce que les guides de recherche des diverses bibliothèques pourraient être mis en commun afin de s'échanger le travail? Ou faire un wiki sur la recherche.

Nous aimerions qu'il soit beaucoup plus facile de déterminer le contenu payant du contenu gratuit. Occasionally les usagers tombent sur des pages du site de l'ONU où ils peuvent acheter la documentation papier alors qu'elle est disponible gratuitement en ligne ailleurs

A monthly list of what we should be receiving in print.Not so much the documents as the sales publications and other major documents.  It is very difficult to know if we are receiving all we should be. Again can I just say how amazing your service is at Geneva. Over the years you have helped so of our library users access documents quickly and efficiently. It is really good to know that the service is available not only to locate documents but give advice as well.

There is need to conduct training for the Depository Librarians to be able to promote the online collections.  -Publicity materials need to be availed to market the collections

Please, take into account when reviewing the results of this questionnaire, that I've been working as a UN Depository librarian only for a few months and that I am, therefore, still not familiar with some UN information resources.  The only remarkable thing that I've realised in this months is that there are some gaps in various collections of UN publications and that we don't receive them reguarly and, in some cases, we receive them twice.

The programme adequately meets our needs.

Con la implantación de acceso en linea a todos los documentos de las Naciones Unidas, es necesario que se tenga a disposición herramientas interactivas de capacitación en el sitio de Naciones Unidas, para optimizar el servicio prestado.

Online access is a major improvement; retroconversion of all documents to online access; provision of linked marc records for uploading into our catalogue to improve discoverability (similar to OECDiLibrary)and regular email prompts of what is new, which can be used to alert library users and other staff.

I think that as in the depository library there are problems for storage of the material , the best solution is the whole material only on-line.

1. Regular checklists of print publications we are entitled to receive -
2. Technical platform for exchange of information and experiences among depository libraries (mailing list, WIKI, not Facebook or the like)

Sería conveniente para nosotros que las comunicaciones recibidas sean en idioma español, para evitar errores de interpretación.

- Improve communications; maintain contact with person directly responsible for UN collection rather than just Library Director (so perhaps have more than 1 contact person) 
- More coordination between direct e-mail contact and "What's New" web page. 
- Clarify what print items will continue to be sent to depository libraries.

Sería importante revaluar el material que está llegando en papel. Muchos temas que llegan están lejos de las problemáticas latinoamericanas que son las más consultadas por los usuarios. Además, se prefiere material en español.

Me parece excelente la nueva propuesta de reemplazar la edición en papel de la documentación al soporte digital.Hoy ha cambiado la forma de solicitar y buscar información, y frente a esto las bibliotecas debemos adecuarnos a estas nuevas modalidades. El portal de la ONU, esta siendo cada vez más útil para localizar documentación, y seria excelente no estar limitado, como biblioteca depositaria parcial, a poder conusltar todo lo que alli está.

Necesitaríamos más información sobre las distintas bases de datos y publicaciones que recibimos de las Naciones Unidas.

Documentation in french. Map recent works


Regular online workshops for Depository Library staff.  Special training for newly appointed Depository Library staff.


Nous avons besoin d'une formation solide pour bien aider nos usagers

Marketing material: Formal brochure or banner for United Nations.

Would love to be able to do some more outreach if there is more information on what programs or activties may be happening that we can plan for. Promotional material that we can use or adapt would be helpful. At the very least give us the graphics to indicate we are an UN depository library, similar to other depository programs.

We would be interested in MARC records for electronic documents, and would be willing to pay for this service.   While we are fine with the decision to discontinue print shipments in most cases, we hope that the cost of publications and online tools going forward will not be prohibitive.

More contact with depository libraries, workshops, help in technical equipment

Clients are still interested in printing material.So we cannot only depend on websites or electronic materials.

Est-il possible d'avoir une synthèse des réponses données par les bibliothèques dépositaires ?  nous n'avons pas de retour suite aux questionnaires que nous remplissons. Des actions de formation sur place sont nécessaires, pour répondre par exemple à la question "les index to proceedings sont-ils numérisés ou pas, si oui où les  interroger en ligne ? Les explications sont souvent trop générales, n'aident pas dans le cas de recherches pointues.

More training possibilities (see 32.) would be helpful.

The problem we are currently experiencing is that there is no staff member who has been trained regarding the UN collection. This could go a long way in improving usage and retrieval of the resources. A visitation or staff exchange could also help improve capacity to staff members.

Online catalogue of UN pubblications; Free of charge online bookshop for UN depository libraries

Your facebook site is from my point of view not easy to follow - some information you provide on your site and on facebook, some only on facebook. Am I correct that I have to check both sites to get all the needed information?

training necessory to use all UN Resources

1. please allow for DL's to move to e-only. We still receive material in print that we do not wish to recieve but we can not stop you from sending it to us.
2. modify your policy on weeding: my library, as part of a University library, has to cut back on shelf space and we can not keep materials in print that are either available electronically or that are not being used and are just sitting on the shelves.
3. your recent offer for an e-books collection we welcome but I do hope our subscription as a DL will cover that as we will not pay additional fees.
4. I do applaud your efforts to digitze documents in ODS: please keep going!

I have not been on training courses for UN documents since a meeting in Copenhagen when the Nordic Information center still existed. I would like to participate in a course again - a lot has happened since that time. But in general we are all impressed over the work you have done for the electronic development of the UN documents.

We would be willing to receive fewer paper copies of items accessible on the web.

What is the term of validity of e-books in archives?  - Leave our options open to choose ebooks or printed form.

We prefer electronic publications when there are both print and electronic types. We prefer e-databases such as eOECD and e-World Bank.

I do exhibit during our library week annually organised by Zambia library service. training of trainers would work so that those who train can also train others on the use of online UN documents and publications

Kindly support financially for organising/conducting programmes on UN Days celebrations regularly.

We would prefer to have a profile set up so we can receive selected UN documents relevant to a country/region/topic.  We are out of space for storing print materials and processing yet the materials of interest are useful to have print based.  Most of our print documents are not used.

Creo que nos hace falta mas intercomunicación entre nosostros. Es decir intercambio de información para de esta forma hacernos mas visibles entre los los alumnos y la sociedad en general. En muchas ocasiones no saben que tienen estos fondos en la propia ciudad/universidad, y de facil acceso.

Pop Quiz on simple question raise through social media - facebook and twitter may help more people to know and aware on the important issue and essential responsibilities of United Nations as well the depository libraries. The pop quiz should come with small prize. The pop quiz also has to be organized by weekly at the beginning then consistently slow down. The pop quiz may play an important role as reminder to peace nation people that kindness and caring always need by unfortunate group.

We still receive the preprints of the issues that will form the collections of supplements of the General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, and the Security Council. We propose that the suggestions and notes in these pre-publications be made only in a digital repository before printing the final document, and then save resources.

You should provide more guidance regarding the compatibility of the online files to all providers and hosts.

If we could have more ECA and UNESCO publications,less from ECE & ESCWA. More posters on demographies, and material on population. An update of ICJ cases, and the UNESCO 'Study Abroad' series.

Could you increase the collaboration/communication between the reference staff at UN libraries and government information librarians in depository libraries?

Training (questions #31 & #32) would be great

The official site is very difficult to navigate and I am unsure how best to offer it for patron use

We look foward to the eCollection and hope that access can be via both IP authentication (for staff and students) and ID/password (for the public)

peut-être serait-il utile de proposer des formations aux utilisateurs avec un matériel quelqonque (électronique ou papier)

We advise to send the concerned material regularly without delay. The provision of  the material at appreciate time will to helpful to advance the purpose of the depositary library and accessibility of the material for the users

It would be more beneficial and short, if FAO statistical information added to the Statistical Abstract of the ESCWA Region book, for the ESCWA Countries.

More alerts about the services and resources posted on UN portal

Regular national or regional workshops on United Nations materials.

Despite our extensive paper collection, the online resources are the most likely to be used.  Unfortunately we are then less likely to know who is access UN materials and whether they are finding and accessing what they seek. If you have usage data that you can share that would help me understand my local users, it might be possible to build on that interest.

Sending out more information about what is being published electronically and where to find it.

The United Nations Depository Library personnel  should be trained and given opportunities to benchmark or attached in some developed Depository Libraries in order to be exposed and understand what is done.

Offering all documents digital

No nos envían material en español, que es nuestro idioma de convenio, por lo que todo lo que llega en inglés no sirve. Nos sentimos discriminados por Naciones Unidas.

To have a proper training as UN Depository Librarian.

To publish the UN documents only digital instead of scanning (affordable file size).

An easy and free accessible e-UN (documents as well as sales number publications !!).

We hope to receive UN publications as fast as possible

we would like to use more electronic than paper resources and publications

Cursos avanzados de búsqueda de información y documentación de Naciones Unidas  

Platforms like UN Pulse were very useful before the change (to tumbir or twitter?). I ask for a platform (other than Facebook or the like!) that gives information in advance on a daily basis! That would help depository librarians to cope with the growing amount of online-information, e-publications and online-research tools! Proper support and training on your part is urgently needed if we are to handle all these e-documents and databases effectively! At the same time I ask you to adhere to the content you named for a regular deposit and really send "a small core of the most important parliamentary documents consisting of the Official Records of the General Assembly, Security Council and Economic and Social Council plus print publications and periodicals".

On some of the questions that were asked in this survey the answers could not be just yes or no and on the question about training all three would be helpful but we could only choose one.

Would help if had workshops, training, and information about the UN departments, how and where each one acts in the UN.

Most of the clients that use this collection are COM-FSM students. The only topics they've used this collection to find sources for are Poverty, Population, Economy, AIDS, Fisheries, and Laws.

We hope to have more trainings and more database provided by UN.

Please know that this library is a member of a statewide consortium, which means that we loan our UN documents (in print) throughout the state of Missouri!  Because this is the only UN depository in Missouri, many of our UN documents are unique in this statewide system.

To organize training and workshops to gain access of depository contents.

While I understand you have many training materials online, it would be extremely helpful for new UN librarians such as myself if there were face-to-face training sessions on the basics of UN librarianship, including claiming and receiving documents, etc.  I feel face-to-face training would be valuable and allow us to network with other professionals.  Even events at larger conferences, such as ALA or ACRL would be nice.

Kindly require more printed books and journals as well as access to e-resources. Require more training and exposure on the use of UN database. Else thanks for the support.

Kindly consider also sending us research materials/resources in the Philippine setting if you have because local materials is of great help to the student researchers. Thank you.

More  social deveopment and economic development reports should be published

Strengthen communication and professional training

In question number 32 about training "If yes, what kind of training do you prefer?" I had the option of only choosing one answer, but I enjoy all three types of training equally.

- incorporating in training material examples with reference to present day issues, crises etc. explaining the relevant UN information resources connected to these issues. - short leaflets, that could be distributed to clients, summarizing UN information resources relevant for explaining present day or important historical issues, crises etc.

Congratulations for the digitization work. It has been very helpful to see pre-1993 documents already available on the ODS.

Identification de l'ensemble des bibliothèques dépositaires, les aider à obtenir un équipement pour la cration de baes de données et la numérisation des collections afin de pouvoir partager à grande échelle ces rssources comme c'est le cas avec vos collections. Favoriser également la création de portails web et former aux technique de recherche spécialisée dans le web.

Just don't let it die.

We lack training on using the collection, and I think the communication between UN and the depository libraries should be better and more intense.

Training tools and guides are much appreciated.

Hold regional or national workshops regularly

More training about the latest information

We would like to be sent posters and brochures.

Provide with promotional materials for those days that are on the United nations calender to aid in our marketing of these days.

UN publications will be well utilised if in soft copy

Nos gustaría saber de qué manera pueden colaborar con la Biblioteca Nacional en relación a mejorar los servicios y su espacio.

We need Thesaurus for classifying UN documents & collections

Es necesario un mayor acercamiento y coordinación entre NU y la Biblioteca Nacional del Perú a fin de implementar un servicio con los recursos digitales y bases de datos lo que potenciaría el servicio que la BNP presta a los ciudadanos.

We need to promote UN resources to our clients. The Library holds the resources but it does not have any promotional activities to ensure that these resources are utilized by our clients. We need to organize outreach activities to promote the Depository Library Programme.

Clarify subscription costs benefits, other access options, and implications of not subscribing.

We need  to paricipate in regional and local training like ECA to update ourselves,to participate on conferences and workshops once or twice a year

I'd like you to enrich a interactive training tools about UN information and documentation on the web.

if it is possible the publications regarding our Country may be provided to concerned Area Languages especially in our national language Urdu to benefit the General Public not familiar to European languages.

At the moment we are completely satisfied with the work of Depository Library programme.


1.-Las naciones unidas brindan excelentes recursos, sin embargo algunas fuentes solo están en idioma inglés.  
2.-Algunos temas requeridos por nuestros usuarios son muy especializados por lo tanto creo que seria conveniente contar con un sistema de cooperación en línea para que entre todos hagamos logremos un buen servicio de referencia. 
3.- Es conveniente fortalecer la parte  de capacitación para los encargados de las bibliotecas depositarias, en la cual se ofrezca  diferentes módulos en línea y que estos sean permanentes.

Women's day, Children with UNESCO, round table on international relations.

Discontinuation of delivery of printyed material effective immediately.

We are only one Depository Collection for our Nations and we serve for the whole nation but we only provide service to our users through 1 PC, If we have more Computer with related accessories such as Printer, Software, Fax Machine etc. then it will be easy to provide online service. In some cases, we are not familiar with UN Online Publications and don't know how to access those documents if you organise some training for our staff. It will be very helpful for us to provide effective service through UN Depository Collection.  Most of the UN users are interested to use electronic document for their use. If you kindly provide the electronic list of your publication, It will be easy for us to provide effective service to our users

could you please send us some posters about the advertisements of your library...we may put ıt on the walls of our library...,,,,

One day seminar be organized in the premises of/vicinity of the depositary libraries so that users would updated

first of all,I would appreciate if UN will help us with  supply of both  online and print source so that we be very active again.Please you should organise training like the one you did 2004.

UN site as well as the sites of International organizations working under its aegis are very good. Almost all the information we need can be easily found there.

We would like to meet with the Representiues of the UN to discuss and offer our  problems, thoughts, and views. And this Could Keep ns on Close Distances on Each  other

i) Updated materials to be sent early so that they can be relevant and timely;
ii) There is now a preference for online databases and resources which would make materials more accessible and visible. Some materials are more relevant than others e.g. Trade and Development Reports, Human Development Reports and others mentioned at question 29.

Suggesting to the UN Management to conduct a visit to all UN Depository Libraries in the developing countries for the assessment/evaluation and/or round table discussion with the librarians

Certaines bibliothèques, comme les nôtres, ont de serieux problèmes de personnel qualifié, par conséquent, si vous pouvez organiser des séminaires de formation au niveau des régions cela nous permettrait d'améliorer la qualité de nos services en faveur de nos clients qui deviennent de plus en plus exigents !

If training can be provided on online access to UN collection it will help our users to make use of such resources remotely.Thereby expanding the usage and availability of the resources to our users population totaling 50,000.

1. We would like to provide on-line access to UN publications through our library website. 
2. Training on dealing with UN publications and websites. 
3. Training on conductiong courses and activities dealing on UN issues.

The programme is a commendable one. The only thing is that we need to publicise it extensively since the information is needed heavily. Mostly it is current.

Programme intéressant car offre l'accès à des documents pertinents du BIT, CNUCED et les résolutions des Nations Unies.

It would help us to receive newly published materials for use by our clients.  We have gaps in our UN document collection.  Our end users believe so much in print publications that they do not think of going to the UN website.  However we are happy to receive new content when it is published.  We need to be visited so that we can interact and learn a lot more on UN documents.

Je souhaite que l'accent sois mise sur la formation des bibliothécaires dépositaires de l'ONU, notamment sur les technologies de l'information notamment l'internet.

Actually the depository library is very old  and most readers keep looking for the latest publications. Can you imagine that all the contents of the library go back to the year 1996  or before that. We also hope that you give staff short  courses to enable them learn the new techniques related to the Library , We would also hope receive new publications from other UN agencies in different areas

We think that your programme is very good and useful for us, so we have no any comments now.

Invitamos a consultar en facebook: Biblioteca ONU MdP. Sería de mucha utilidad establecer una red de contactos y generar trabajos cooperativos, tanto en búsquedas específicas como en la generación de actividades de promoción, el intercambio de experiencias lo veo como muy positivo para el crecimiento de los servicios de información

La Biblioteca depositaria total  de Costa Rica DL321 a venido funcionando satisfactoriamente con los sistemas electronico, nos guataria seguir conservando el Estatus de Biblioteca Depositaria total con el fin de seguir brindandole a nuestros usuarios el servicio que se le a dado. Los cambios tecnologicos han servido para dar un mejor servicio y mayor acceso a la informacion en cantidad y calidad y rapides de la informacion. 

more trainings for the DL Staff team, visiting other Depository libraries world wide..

The major constraint we have is that of poor awareness of the existence of the materials in the library.

We are interested in e-resources

It would help our users to find the e-books in one catalogue with the print-books; for improving this we would need a data list of all offered online-material for the online-catalog....

We need orientation programs for Librarians so that we can train others in using the UN Collection and databases.

To provide new computer, printers also for clients use  Salary review /according international min. standards/  1 human resource for completing my division

We wish to get more opportunities to communicate with your office in order to improve skils on the Depository Library Programme.

Hay mucha información que recibimos que está también disponible en línea. Preferiríamos que estos documentos ya no se nos envíen.  Hace falta más capacitación para uso de sus recursos en línea y que tienen acceso abierto

The Depository Library programme is very good. We will be more appreciated if we can get information about the new resources or some public activities of DHL by email. Also, we hope we can get some little gifts with badges or logo of UN which can be given to our patrons when we organize activities related to the UN issues and/or UN collections.

Our patrons would like to meet representatives of the UN at least twice per year, in order to get acquainted with the UN's activity and achievements  at first hand.

More materials concerning UN activity in Central Asia

More contacts between libraries

Workshop for UN Depository Librarians

Material may be sent to us regularly as soon as it is published so as to enable us to meet our reference queries

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