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2012 Survey - Results
I. Confirmation of compliance with the conditions of deposit
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VIII. Please provide the current SHIPPING ADDRESS
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VI. Outreach activities
33. Do you organize activities related to the UN issues and/or UN collections?
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34. If yes, which of the following activities have you organized in the past two years? (Check all that apply)
Briefings on the UN documents and publications
Exhibits of UN publications
Posting of UN information on the Internet/Intranet
Preparation of brochures, user guides, and handouts for the UN collection
Conducting training in the UN web site searching and use of UN databases
Round-table meetings and seminars on UN-related issues
Translation of important UN documents in local language(s)
Interaction/Cooperation/Contacts with UN Offices in your country
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1) Provide links to UN sites in bibliographic records.

Model UN sessions.

Integration of UN databases in course specific handouts and instruction..

UN Day with tour & movie

Not Yet, we are planning activities.

Lectures, workshops, audio-visual projections, exhibits on UN celebrations and anniversaries

seminars talks on UN related research

taking part in round-table meetings in UN Information centre in Moscow

Dans notre catalogue ( les ouvrages des Nations Unies sont immédiatement repérables par une icône ONU

Promoting our collections via libguides and regulary promoting our collections in person at undergraduate and postgraduate information fairs. 

UN information on the Internet is being updated.

Modelo ONU. Proyectos de formación medioambiental. Organización de Talleres y charlas sobre temas de ONU. Boletines institucionales informativos. Bibliografías especializadas. Presencia institucional en eventos relacionados a la ONU.

library instruction including UN resources

By UN themes

Careers evening and topical information related to conferences

include UN resources in course-integrated library instruction and in general library orientations and tours

Holding workshops

I keep users' training courses for the students

Inclusion of UN resources in classroom presentations

Blogging about UN material and or events

España con ACNUR-Valencia y UNICEF Valencia

We will be doing, since this year, training throug the web covering reference question, some kind of "Talk with the librarian". We are building this interface to offer to the users of the World.

relations avec le corps enseignant et les doctorants

More specifically, the library uses LibGuides -- there is more we can do in this area.

Selected publications are included in a monthly array of noteworthy titles in the library's holdings, displayed on several flat screen monitors for patron viewing.

Open day twice a year

United Nations' Day display

During annual conferences we display UN collections both print and online.

Se elabora alertas mensuales

Holding lib. open day and orientation of users

Ocasionalmente exposiciones sobre derechos humanos

UN related web page to direct users to UN resources

We introduce UN in "Open Campus". ("Open Campus" is an event for hight school students to visit a university.)

Information literacy training

Conducting Library Orientation Programme for users

Distributing list of received materials to the University library and to branch libraries.

visites guidées pour tous les nouveaux élèves et enseignants en début de l'année scolaire

Formamos parte en la organización de Modelos de las Naciones Unidas en la ciudad


Presentations based on UN international days

Translation of important UN documents title in Korean(title only)

Model United Nations

Teaching law (incl. Human Rights)

35. What UN themes were selected for the outreach activities?
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Model UN training our most popular topic for area schools and colleges.

Mostly how to research the UN.

UN Days

How to find UN document via UN websites (e.g. UNBISNET, DOS etc.)  How to use UN data

Human Rights, UN Day, UNAFF, Education, UNDATA

Bibliographies, publications like UN Chronicle or "Notre planète", annual reports about population, environment or development, statistics...

Access to water; child welfare; slum dwellers issues, etc (These are primarily classroom based projects/assignments; support of a UW global health institute; various other research projects)

Foreign Official Documents Division remains hugely interested in the whole publication of United Nation and its Organisation.

How to research the activities of the UN.

UN celebrations (international days and years) and anniversaries

the olympic truce  
Working with UN documents 
how to find documents
where to look for them etc...

We recently started up some general "how to trace documents" seminars for master students in global studies and int'l administration. A libguide on UN documentation is available from the homepage

1. the role, work and concerns of UN
2. UN history
3. UN flagship publications
4. UN and China
5. access to information

Arrival of UN officials,  UN international days.

Mantenimiento de la paz; Derechos Humanos.

Objetivos del milenio y sobre cooperacion economica

Derechos humanos


Resources available

Page web générale sur les principaux accès à la documentation de l'ONU

General as we are accessible to all disciplines across the University.

Statistics and data (e.g., UNData, World Bank Data Catalog),
general search strategies (e.g., using UNBISNET)

El agua, la tierra,  Medio Ambiente, Marcas y Patentes, Derechos de Autor

UN documents and publications

Medio Ambiente. Cambios Climáticos. Gestión de  Residuos. Desechos y Reciclaje. Derechos Humanos, del Niño y la Mujer. Cuestiones de Género. Paz. Días y Semanas Internacionales. Patrimonio Cultural. Derecho Internacional.

UN news.

- human rights  - women's issues  - population studies  - health issues

Environment, Economics.

Discapacidad e inclusión

La difusión de temas sobre medio ambiente, derechos humanos, problemáticas social de los derechos humanos y derecho internacional publicado en libros, documentos oficiales y revistas.

According to UN calender actions

Jovenes y los modelos de las Naciones Unida, Función y logro de las Naciones Unidas


The world heritage photos were on display with other documents and photos for the Ghana Library Association's 50th Anniversary Photo and Book exhibition.


General resources, books and treaties

Refugees & Human Rights Global Development & Poverty Detailed web guides on virtually all UN themes

Mainly statistics, but also official documents

We didn't select UN themes, but focused on areas of interest to our patrons and the curriculum.

Themes important for the development of Serbia

International law


UN websites

Human rights International law Peacekeeping Environment

Information générale sur les collections des Nations Unies à la bibliothèque

No special themes

General topics, e.g. information about the new session of the GA


human rights , political matters, economic matters

Peace and security, disarmament, human rights, international law, environmental protection, international trade and finance etc.

Peace, Law of the Sea, Rio+20, Energy, World's Women.

MDG Dag Hammarskjöld, the General-Secretary How to find UN documents - databases and websites

Celebrates Year long thems  Week long programmes

Skills searching and retrieving UN Data and documents

Every year we are organizing Exhibition of U N publications based on the theme of the year.

Diversas exposiciones temáticas, charlas sobre diversos temas y distintas celebraciones anuales:Día internacional de las Naciones Unidas (24 de octubre), Día mundial del medio ambiente, Refugiados, etc -También participo como docente( desde hace 8 años) explicando como acceder a los fondos y bases de datos, ODS,... de las Naciones Unidas.

access to UN materials online

All themes are exposed twice a week in conference with students of Technical Courses who visit us with pre-programmed time.

Un activities in relation to Cyprus issue

Education, Law

Human Rights, MDGs

We need training sessions and seminars in oder to develop skills in using the UN resources.

Environment, international relations


Usually data, but we have had special things on big issues (Law of the Sea, UN Conferences, UN International year of the …., etc.)  We have one of the big collections of UN posters (many libraries did not retain…we did).

International Year of Cooperatives International Year of Sustainable Energy

accès aux ressources naturelles, traités, plus généralement tout ce que recouvre le domaine juridique ou économique

We provide opportunities in order to inspect knowledge and information to the educational seekers in this way an interface development between the student and the debaters in brief the themes of  UN outreach activities  are obeyed in the promise of the library of the University. of Karachi.

briefings on the UN docs. participated in exibitions preparing brochurs, guides of docs. for users. training programms for users contacts with local UN Organs and agencies

On Important International days

Utilization of United Nations materials.

Data seems to be a popular theme for academic libraries in general. During the next year there are plans to reach out to more global studies faculty and instructors.

human rights, law of the sea, water, environmental issues, posters are useful

The outreach activities were not based on themes. They were to create awareness on the UN collection to the public.

UN 50 Years  Greening the blue

United Nations Day

UN Data Bases

Sustainable development, financial & economic crisis, poverty reduction, global warming, and heritage preservation.

The Millennium Development Goals

1- UN and international politics 2- Country profiles

Almost all themes

Economic, peace operation

Peace keeping, development. environment

UN depository library in general, its mission and conditions of usage. The categories and classification of UN documents and publications. Search options and research tutorials on UN documents and databases.

Human Rights Women's Rights The Rights of Children

Peace and security, development, human rights, international law

United Nations collection new arrivals, Understanding United Nations!

Most are legal-related materials for we are the law library.

Peace and economic

Using UN websites, catalogues & resources to research on human rights.

Les thèmes sociaux tels que la pauvreté.

UN Day; The UN as it relates/pertains to Missouri State University's legislatively-mandated statewide mission in public affairs, which has 3 pillars:  cultural competence, community engagement & ethical leadership.

Peace and Democracy:Make Your Voice Heard.  Dialogue and Mutual.

Contemporary events, statististics, and basic information.

International Days: Women's day;Children's Day, Book & Copyright Day etc.

Los Días Internacionales

Poverty reduction, Clean water for domestic use, pollution control measures and the support of eight MDGs programmes on education, poverty, agriculture, child mortality etc

Basic general knowledge

Human rights.

Human Rights

When our department created displays, we try to combine the items that are in the United States government documents collection and the United Nations documents collection. We've done Martin Luther King, Jr., new  books on the environment, and human trafficking.

Social justice

- UN main organs - UN official documents

Drogas, Mujer, Pueblos Indígenas, Democracias, Sida, Alcoholismo, Administración del Trabajo, Salud, Trabajo Infantil, Fallos de la Corte Inernacional de Justicia

UN days, anniversaries (e.g. 60th anniversary of the UN) participation at lectures of the UN Academy and meetings of the UN Association of Hungary

Últimas publicaciones recibidas

Elections, trade policy, family relationship in ageing societies, children's and adolescents' participation and protection from sexual abuse and exploitation, Latin American economy.

The division did a workshop presentation on U.N. online research resources and a webcast, which included a segment on U.N. resources at the Library.

Those with broad appeal for public and other academic libraries - Yearbook of the United Nations, Human Development Report, UN Treaty index and full text, World Bank family of databases and portal to any others, UNBISNET.  And always, information on Cyberschoolbus and Model UN resources on UN web.

International law and trade

The human residential environment

Youth Issues

World population day   World Habitat Day  World AIDS day

Antecedentes históricos sobre el surgimiento de Naciones Unidas, además temas de actualidad  mundial relacionados con la organización y sus agencias especializadas

UN acess without walls  Be global,read UN publications

literacy programme and information literacy

Derechos humanos


Documentation Department with collaborartion of Referece and periodicals departments

We held two exhibition focused on the humanitarian affairs. We introduced the activities of UNHCR in cooperation with Japan Association for UNHCR, and the support from the United Nations and many countries when the Great East Japan Earthquake Occurred.

UN for peace and prosperity of the peoples; Drugs are the  global modern threat; Safety and security of Environment; Biological diversity: conservation, sustainable use and development; Protection, problems and prospects of intellectual property; UNIDO: 45 years of development and cooperation; etc.

Recursos hídricos, recursos naturales, tratados comerciales, paz, educación y cultura, discapacidad, agroindustría.

our university ınternet website has the link to your documents ;  The users use this link, we do not see the statistics...

UN Day

UN documentation and overview and issues on National Assembly and Depository libraries

Millenium Develoment Goals, sustainable development, peacekeeping, refugees, human rights,drugs and crimes,human settlements, different International days (for example, Nelson Mandela International Day) and many other themes.

Human rights

UN theme that was selected for the outreach activities is yearbook.

General exhibitions to sensitize patrons to what exists

“The United Nations: Solutions for a Prosperous World”

UN System of Organizations - Information Resources; UN Databases


Initiation à la recherche documentaire

Journée Socio-Éducative De La Direction Générale Des Archives Nationales De La Bibliothèque Nationale et De La Documentation Gabonaise

Derechos del niño -- Educación -- Migraciones -- Trabajo --


health, development, water resources, food and agriculture, maritime, violence against women, democracy, peace, small business, enterprenurship, education, culture, women, technology, intellectual property, copyright, freedom of expression, environment

Recent Publications arrivals in our library

Climate change, Caribbean statistics, Human Rights in the Caribbean

Education, Natural Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Culture, Communication and Information

According to theme of international year or international day

International days of UN are presented with power point presentation, also the presentation of new books, brochures, posters and with invitation of famous local guests.

Model United Nations

- Social Policy and Development  - Civil Society and Social Movements  - Gender and Development

Modelos de Naciones Unidas;  Derechos Humanos;  Día Internacional de la Mujer;  Medio Ambiente: Agua, Bosques;  Refugiados;  Infancia;  Población;  Paz y Seguridad;  Trabajo;  Información y Telecomunicaciones.

Propaganda Bulletin on United Nations Day

Peace, Human rights, Bioethics, Cultural diversity

Human Rights

Current international topics


Projects of UN Representative in Kazakhstan, Millennium Development Goals in Kazakhstan

Uso y manejo de los Recursos de información de las Naciones Unidas

appropriate technology, Social Innovation

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