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2010 Survey - Results
I. Confirmation of compliance with the conditions of deposit
Note: Information collected in questions 1-3 is for internal use only and is not published in these results.
VIII. Please provide the current SHIPPING ADDRESS
Note: Information collected in question 24 is for internal use only and is not published in these results.
VII. Distribution and claiming of  UN materials
15. Are you satisfied with the present system of distribution and claiming of paper copies of the UN materials?
Total replies
16. If No, why? (Check all that apply)
Materials are not received within a reasonable amount of time
Materials are not received in language requested
No shipping lists
Gaps in the supplied documentation
Hard to identify whats missing
Important publications are not part of the deposit
Claiming is a time-consuming procedure
Other, please provide your reason(s)
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Gaps in distribution of UN Sales publications
Few documents are being received against the membership fee in comparison to the earlier years.
Electronic is preferred
We are satisfied with the system of distribution except that we are receiving, quite a lot of material which we are unable to take into the collection both because its scope is not within our acquisitions policy and also because of lack of space.
We are designated as part of the EEC region, although we are in the Middle East, and don't receive the ESCWA publications which are important to our area
Se envia documentación y documentación que no es de gran interés y sin embargo, publicaciones de interés no se distribuyen a las bibliotecas
Recebemos muchos materiales sin interés (e. ESCWA)
We certainly do not need every last thing published by the UN and would rather material sent to support our profile of needs.The collection would be therefore more effective. 
Nous ne savons exactement quelles publications font partie de notre dépôt
No hay secuencia  del material que envian por primera vez
Each depository library receives different materials 
Hard to find Sales No. or UN No., or identify correct office to claim from - Knowing how long to wait before claiming (eg. because of shipping times, series issues arriving out of order and in different boxes etc.)
Es importante para nuestros usuarios el envío de material en idioma español
I have stated that we do not want paper copies of items that are available on the web, but still we recieve a lot.
We are doing this kind of claim for the regular publlication, mostly for journals
I wind up purchasing a significant portion of material not supplied on deposit that should be.
Pas de réponse ni de suivi des réclamations.
I sometimes find it hard to understand why after claiming certain documents, those are marked "not issued" on the returned request-sheet, although I can find them listed in e.g.  the Index to Proceedings or UNBISnet.
We do not need all the paper copies, since most of the new material is available online
Important publicationss e.g. UNU, sales 0, some UNESCO are not part of deposit. Also we receive too much paper on subjects that are not used (e.g. statistics) or that are digital (OR's)
limitation in  computer access  to  all members demands supply of more hard copy materials
The shipping lists mean the sheet/leftlet distributed not in an order or sequential way; example we received A/HRC/14/38 on 15/6/2010 but we received A/HRC/14/32 on 29/6/2010. So far we did not claim any material from UN.
A respeito dos documentos que são temporários, de Assembléia Geral, como por exemplo o doc. A/AC.105/948, que depois são formalizados em uma coleção de Suplementos, em nossa opinião deveriam existir apenas em versão digital, sendo distribuídos às Bibliotecas.
UN should look into reducing the amound of loose-leaf shipments, if the information is already available via ODS.
We no longer receive much paper copies as we used to do.
Almost all documents we receive on paper are also available online for free. I wonder why we still pay a fee.
Some materials are being shipped sporadically, i.e. some years I get them, some not. This is frustrating also with respect to the shelving.
The single sheets or tacked sheets of your publications are difficult to present in an open shelf-library!, I would prefer an online-only-access for these sheets
How do I request for UN materials I think are more appropriate for my clients? Instead of receiving the ones which are not really appropriate for them?
We would like to receive only selected material


17. Would your library agree with a proposal to ensure more selective and timely approach by the UN to disseminating its documents and publications?
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18.  If Yes, why? (Check all that apply)
Most of the UN materials sent to the Library at the present time are not used
Library should receive only selected UN materials relevant to a country/region/topic
Detailed profile of each depository library should be set up at the UN
Library does not have enough space to store UN materials
Library does not have enough manpower to handle UN materials
Regular mail service should be used for sending UN materials to a depository library

19. Does your library maintain its own digital libraries?
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20. If Yes, please describe the content of your digital library:
167 Replies received
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1 Archived Australian web content
2 Digitized copy of selected books in Library's collection.  Mainly significant titles
3 Library also purchased digital content of selected overseas contents (e.g. early English books online)
4 Subscribes to a number of e
Okinawan rare materials digital collection
Three types of digital content:
* Scanned books and maps
* permanent access to commercial, full-text databases
Extremely broad and far reaching.
We have a large digital library of material related to the American South. See:
Databases, online publications, online videos 
Dissertations and Theses.  Faculty sponsored collections of data and publications.
We have a digital repository where theses and dissertations from University of Michigan graduate students are uploaded as well as faculty articles. We also have many of our books and databases available through remote electronic access.
We have some special digitized collections.
Advanced and growing digital library infrastructure including institutional repository, data repository, LOCKSS collections.
Our digital library is for U of Washington generated materials, as follows:
•Dissertations and Theses [6714]
•Faculty and Researcher Data and Papers [2620]
•Student Research Papers [175]
•University Archives
Very old software (based on ISIS)
Digitization of theses
Il contient seulement la recherche des professeurs de notre université.
Mostly University generated materials (i.e. theses, reports, presentations)
Basagic collection of Arabic manuscripts. Collection of historic periodicals in Kramerius system
Advertising film
They are e.g. a digital collection of icelandic newspapers, journals and magazines, a collection of University theses, some depository materials, The Sagas, a map collection.
Management and Business Studies Portal -
Database, E-books, E-journals, exhibitions online 
Central catalogue of the Israel National Library. Digitization of cultural heritage.
we are in the process of its creating, now it includes all publications of INION since 1998 
All research and student reports are registred and made avaiulable in our RUDAR- deposit 
Institutional Repository for university of Manchester academic staff publications and our students' theses.
la Bibliothèque numérique est constituée des fonds patrimoniaux de la BNU: textes imprimés, iconographie, cartes, plans
Temas de interés en una Biblioteca Nacional, fondo antiguo digitalizado y de interés general pero nada de documentación perteneciente a la ONU.
e-books - images
Materiales digitalizados de la propria colección de la Biblioteca.
Principalmente historia de Chile, historia de America, ciencias sociales, literatura.
Extensive range of subscription databases
SLNSW archives born-digital documents published in NSW in PANDORA, Australia's online archive at the National Library of Australia.  We maintain subscriptions to aggregated electronic datasets and these are available through our catalogue and website.
CDs, Institutional Repository, Subscribed databases of e-journals and e-books, automated integrated library system
Rare book in different subjects, thesis, music.
There are 2 libraries:
1) a portal of electronic databases and journals that we subscribe to (includes some UN journals) (
2) a website that gives access to digitised Luxemburgensia (
Obras relevantes de autores panameños y sobre Panamá
El Archivo y Biblioteca Nacionales de Bolivia posee la biblioteca virtual El Dorado.  Proyecto de la UNESCO y ABINIA en el que participan 33 Biblioteca Nacionales de Iberoamérica y el Caribe.  Este proyecto contempla que cada biblioteca nacional, coloque 
Primeros impresos publicados en Uruguay 1807-1830
Jamaica Unshackled, Picture Dis, DLoc. Please see the lot at In addition to the publicly available digital resources the NLJ is building a collection of digitized resources created from users for digital copies.
Toutes nos ressources électroniques sont intégrées au catalogue.
Institutional Repository in D-Space software.  Generally user-mediated entry of records and content. Theses, reports, etc.
Special collections and Polish publications usually before 1945, tematic collections
Hawaii related materials
Singapore heritage content, provision of e-books, in-depth research databases such as Ebscohost, Proquest and JSTOR.
Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) contains research publications and other research output produced by members of the University of Oxford. Content includes copies of journal articles, conference papers, theses and other types of research publicati
Selct coverage for all subjects.
-Research articles
-Theses and Dissertations
-Conference papers
Our institutional repository provides "a service to collect, widely distribute, and preserve the intellectual output of the University of Alberta"
Dissertations,habilitation treatise, publications by academic staff, historical books and journals.
We are currently advancing our digital library structure, and are in a position to ingest digital material and make it available through our reading rooms. We also are actively digitising our own traditional format collections.
Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers. Hokkaido University Northern Studies Collection.
Photograph collection and Manuscript collection
Documentos Historicos Nacionales,revistas en linea de diferentes areas como ser: salud,economia, ingenieria y educacion.
Licensed resources, digitised content of own holdings
At the time bout 400.000 works (mass-digitization; funded by the DFG and cooperation with Google)
We provide links through our catalogue to relevant documents and websites in accordance with our Collection and Resources Development Policy.
E-books, databases, e-journals
Repository of University publications and theses
Estudo geral ( - Alma mater
Old manuscripts, Romanian literature, collection of old photographs.
Books, brochures, leaflets, printed music, maps, image issues, audio/video documents, abstracts, dissertations, periodicals, rare & old-printed books, manuscripts, electronic resources
La Biblioteca Digital de la UN Cuyo es un área del SID (Sistema Integrado de Documentación) que se encarga de la digitalización, almacenamiento, puesta en línea y difusión de la producción científica, artística y cultural de la Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
We scan all the library collection and convert it into CD format. We upload collections in our websites
Journals, bibl.databases, databases, e-books
Nepali Journal Online (NepJOL), Online Journal (e-resources under PERI,, ProjectMuse, JSTOR, HINIRI, OARE and Open Access Journals etc.
Many digital collections through our Bancroft Library and East Asian Libraries
Digitized content from special collections
Some are listed with links in:
Approx. 900000 images, <100000 pages of documents, finding aids and research guides
Digitized materials from Yale Library's collections. 
All kinds of law subjects
DIGAR : Digital Archive of the National Library of Estonia. A database where online publications, pre-print files, e-books on physical carriers (e.g. CD-ROMs), digital copies of publications are being archived.
Projet en cours d'élaboration
journals, books, papers, data, maps
We are digitizing many of our out of copyright materials on the Internet Archive.
Digitalising the books, bibliographies and union catalogues adn other rare sources
Journals, e-books etc.
Journal databases, statistical databases, other subject-specific electronic resources.
Sources et manuels d'histoire genevoise. Livres anciens. Manuscrits médiévaux.
Databases, electronic journals and e-books
We are a university library so we have a site with access to e-books en e-journals about all the subjects the university teach
1) reference database FINDOC
2)Dombase - database with Finnish case law conc. human rights
Primarily locally-created documents, and locally-scanned public-domain material from our collection
It is a collection, containing originally digital documents as well as digital copies of rarities in demand stocked by RSL or received from external sources. By 2010 the
digital stock volumed up to 700 thousand documents and is continuously growing.
Vilnius University Library digitalized old and rare document collections related to Lithuanian history.
Digital collections, Repository for academic resources, Electronic journals, Electronic books
Local materials
Digitised upto 44,000 rare books which are out of copyright act and 6825 manuscripts are also digitised.
Subscription e-journals and other networked online resources - statistical databases etc.
CD-ROMS, e-Books, & e-Journals
As well as purchased licensed digital resources, the NLS digital library has a huge collection of maps, photographs, manuscripts, rare books from our collections:
It is currently in the process of development but will contain theses, born digital archives and publications such as e-books, newsletters
West Indiana Special Collections, UWI theses
We have numerous digital libraries depending on the topic, level of interest and nature of the material. The answer to this question depends on what is meant by "digital libraries." Perhaps the most relevant answer is that we aggressively link to Governme
The work digitisation of the materials pertinent on Kerala topics is undegoing.The fecility is expected to be extented to other areas also.
e-databases (journal, thesis, etc)
We digitize materials of local interest (such as historical local newspapers) and store them in content dm.
Apesar de haver respondido "não" na questão de número 19, é necessário ressaltar  que, embora não possua biblioteca digital própria, o Sistema de Bibliotecas da UFRGS no qual a DL-253 está inserido possui o repositório digital chamado LUME...
Electronic journals, databases, research guides, how-to manuals, theses etc.
Digital copies of selected library collections, national cultural heritage, new digital documents, digital materials for people with disabilities.
Primarily materials unique to University of Virginia as well as materials in our Special Collections library
Institutional repository for selected works of staff, faculty, and journals. Iowa Digital Library includes works digitized by the Library especially Special Collections.
Journals, Doctoral thesis and e-books
Archives of African American Music and Culture, Archives of Institutional Memory at IU, Bloomington Faculty Council Minutes, Board of Trustees Minutes,  The Brevier Legislative Reports  Text Collection, Central American and Mexican Video Archives. Etc..
Theses, parliamentary papers
Thèses de l'université locale numérisées - Version numérisée de documents antérieurs à 1900
Digital Library launched by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad, Pakistan
Queensland Stories; Picture Queensland (photographs); some manuscripts; some diaries; some rare books; some sheet music; webcasts; The Convict Database
We use the software "Virtua" from VTLS, we have completed the full description of all the documentary fund of the library (description of books, theses, memoirs)
We catalog the links to sales pubs that are available electronically. Our digital library includes mostly historical material and also the thesis produced by the university and exam papers.
United Nations Research, Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw, HeinOnline, LLMC Digital, Carl Uncover, BNA, CCH, Index to Legal Periodicals, CILP, InSPIRE, LegalTrac, Making of Modern Law, Max Planck Encylopedia, Medline, WorldCat, Wilson Web.
1) Full text database of electronic theses submitted to the Ruhr-Universitaet:
2) Hochschulbibliographie (database of publications by scientists of the Ruhr-Universitaet)
Bibliographic records in our online catalog have links to PDF files. And link to the UN website.
The digital library, i.e. Multimedia Information System (MMIS), in the Hong Kong Public Libraries provides:-
a. Audio-On-Demand, Video-On-Demand services to the public;
b. In addition to a variety of audio and video contents, there are a large collection 
Indo china collection (French language), Sino - Nom collection, National database of Doctoral Dissertation.
Se cuenta con los materiales digitales sumistrados por la sede, cuando el documentos de o el libro lo tiene en version digital, cepal es un ejemplo en realidad no es mucho en material con que se cuenta, el otro medio es bajarlo de los diferentes sitios co
1- E-journals database.
2- E-bboks database.
3- ETD
4- Bibliographic databases
17.000 full text journals and some 300 databases; academic depository library.
Ancient and rare books, Shanghai Memory, Online lectures and exbitions, multimedia materials, etc.
Circulation, Acquisition, Cataloging, Searching and browsing e-books and e-articles etc.
E books, ejournals, some database subscriptions, Arabic poetry encyclopedia
Potsdam University Library is member of DigiBib which provides library catalogues and databases from all over the world
Text-books, Articels, Subito, Springerlink, Ebsco
We buy online-content from several providers and produce digital objects from items of our own collecion.
SSREADER, SHUSHENG Digital Library, APABI Digital Library
Tesis y libros del Fondo Editorial de la Universidad. Además: suscripciones a Bases de datos bibliográficas (con y sin texto completo), e-books
Educational and scientific papers published by Belarusian State University
We have over 100 thematic digital collections published by our library system. These include photos, maps, books, journal articles, electronic theses, EU documents, and grey literature. The content is drawn from various sources, including selective digiti
171 bases de datos de publicaciones periódicas académicas y multitemáticas, contratadas con 15 proveedores internacionales.
We are on the verge of digitization.
National Digital Library Moldavica is established as the main database of the full-text documents of the national heritage that are included to the Register of the National Program “Memory of Moldova”,
- Databases
- E-books
- e-journals
- RepositoriUM (University of Minho Institutional Repository that contains a collection of the scientific output from the University.
- Library catalogue
- Digital editions
Digital initiatives developed and maintained by the University of Hong Kong Libraries include:
- Basic Law Drafting History Online
- Historical Laws of Hong Kong Online
- Last Governor Online
More contents of the digital library at
Electronic theses, only available on campus; selected collections in the Library's Special Collections & Archives Dept. -- student publications, e.g.
(We are working on maintaining our own digital libraries).
The UOB library digital library includes:
1. Subscribed content including e-books, e-journals, e-theses,from various publishers
2. Local digitised content
3. Local databases
Contiene tesis, referencias y a texto completo, ademas de acceso a bases de datos como ebsco, proquest, scincedirect, entre otras.
An e-library was just established last Summer 2010.
Teses (doutorado, dissertações de mestrado monografias de cursos de especialziação e trabalhos de conclusão de cursos de graduação. Artigos de periódicos
Southeast asian collections, Fujian and Taiwan collections, Achievements and Publications of university
In fact,we are building our digigal library. It will be completed in months. The content is in discussion.
Most digital library are about electronic journals, papers, law cases,news etc.
1st menu: Search (Search, Nonbook materials, UN materials, Newly arrived materials)
2nd mendu: Digital contents(Multi database search, E-Journal, E-Book
3rd menu: Kyung Hee Knowledge and information (dissertations, graduation work, etc.)
4th menu: Service ...
Parliamentary documents, legislative proposals, debates
Newspaper clippings, indexed TV programmes, indexed Parliament TV, journal articles and reports, Library's catalogue contains links to many full text items.
Chiefly old japanese books and journals.
Polish parliamentary documentation
CDROM que acompañan documentos impresos. Documentos online almacenados
Hungarian Parliamentary documents and Hungarian legal periodicals
a current project under implementation aims at digitalizing 2 million pages of library holdings in the fields of law, history and political sciences
No, pero esta en proceso de implementación.
Brazilian Chamber of Deputies printing office publications, papers and studies produced by the Legislative Consulting Services and by the Consulting Services on the Budgetary and Financial Oversight, academic papers produced by the institutional staff, ra
Documents published online and selected websites are captured from the Internet and stored in an internal digital repository. Commercial print publications such as press clippings and selected journal articles are also scanned and stored in the repository
American Memory, containing hundreds of special collections materials(photographs, maps, audio, video); Chronicling America, fulltext, history and bibliography of American newspapers; Thomas,text and searching of US legislative documents; Library of Congr
21. Is your library in favour of receiving copies of documents in digital format?
Total replies
22. If No, why? (Check all that apply)
Paper copies of UN documents are needed for archival purposes
The information technology in our library has limitations
Users prefer to work with hard (paper) copies of documents
Other, please specify
(Click here to display "other" replies)
Electronic copies of parliamentary documents are difficult or impossible to use for research projects without extremely large screens to read, then printing is a problem of too much and not adequate for research.
The library is working towards policies regarding digital deposit.
I need more information on how you would disseminate the material before I could answer this question,
Maintaining  good, ongoing  access to digital collections is extremely labour intensive.
Web access preferred. Repository is of limited size.
Creo que toda documentación a de estar disponible en internet pero también creo que es interesante una cierta distribución en papel a las Depositarias. Es decir, que se sigan recibiendo en soporte papel los informes anuales de los organos aYes como materi
Sería necesario una organización previa parasu organización, almacenamiento y difusión. 
We do not wish to archive digital copies of UN documents. I prefer UN to make the digital copies available in UN's own website.
Nous n'avons pas de serveur pour les conserver
Yes for some, no for other documents
Preservation of digital materials should be centralized
Paper copies are preferable and should be distributed continuously, but additional digital documents will be well received.
We rely on the full text collections and metadata within ODS / UNBISNET
We are active users of the Official Document System of the United Nations (ODS)
This should not be an either/or question, and I feel you should permit libraries to receive both.  If you intend to *cease* distribution of print copies to libraries that answer yes to question 21 you should specify "only in digital format."
Unclear if there is consistent archival and preservation policy for all UN documents not in ODS.
We would like digital format for most titles, but some titles we would still prefer hard copy (Official Records, Treaty Series, etc.)
Préférence pour une gestion des documents électroniques par l'intermédiaire du site officiel des Nations Unies
A selection could be digital and a part on paper
Storage and distribution of digital documents is problematic.
Welsh language or Welsh produced material is the priority for ingest into the digital liibrary system. Its is unlikely that we would be in a position to accept UN documents in digital format for some time.
We would be against a delivery model that requires our library to store digital copies of documents on our own servers. On the other hand, a system such as ODS would be a most welcome change/alternative to receiving loose-leaf documents.
Besoin de conserver les documents pour le futur
Most of customers are illiterate. We have few computers.
Owing to limited capacity, our digital library system currently focuses on hosting information materials related to local studies.
It is difficult to put the online-documents in our online catalogue
Storage space & having to maintain a server.
Not yet, when the librarians are fully knowledgeable on accessing information digitally.
At present, Library policy is to maintain tangible items for the archival collections.  Would favor e-delivery of current symbol documents (archived on microfiche), not other types of UN publications until general Library policy regarding e-publications.

23. If your library were to receive documents by electronic means, which method would you prefer? (Answer as many)
PDF format
Website/portal access
Other, please specify
(Click here to display "other" replies)
The Library's preference is to provide access (rather than receive digital copies) to a UN portal of archived digital material.
Prefer major reference books to still be distributed in hard copy.
I would like to receieve MARC record sets for these materials,
We have a new system to collect PDFs from the web. Would like to talk to someone re copyright of UN materials.
P2P technology
Monthly batches with MARC records attached to put into Library catalogue
website access, and possibility to download in pdf.
CD-ROM o Multimedias
Power Point Documentations, CD/DVD-ROM, e-Books and other electronic devices available
PAS de cd-rom.
En papel pero a solicitud de la biblioteca y que no esten en formato digital
We suggest that you discuss assessed contributions in the time all the UN documents will be distributed by electronic means and public will have access to the documents. 
Acompañado de un servicio de referencia electrónico y alertas o novedades de lo publicado (preferentemente en idioma español)
We do not have capacity to host UN digital documents locally and so prefer that they are hosted elsewhere, and we will provide access to them on our workstations.
A partir du site officiel des Nations Unies
Ensure permalink e.g. through use of DOI
CD-ROMs, videocassettes
We cannot commit to receiving all documents if it requires us to provide the server space;  at this time we don't need to have our own local digital copy, but do feel there should be a "redundant" system to store digital materials.
Using LOCKSS technology  (
Word, Power Point
Discos, videos, blu ray, ebook, todo tipo de recurso electronico.
TXT format is convenient for using on E-book
cd, dvds
DOC format
As long as our Library has clear copyrights to publish them in our Digital Library, which has public access.

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