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2010 Questionnaire - Results
I. Confirmation of compliance with the conditions of deposit
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VIII. Please provide the current SHIPPING ADDRESS
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VI. Outreach activities
13. Do you organize activities related to the UN issues and UN collection?
Total replies
14. If yes, which of the following activities have you organized in the past two years? (Check all that apply)
Briefings on the UN documents and publications
Exhibits of UN publications
Posting of UN information on the Internet/Intranet
Preparation of brochures, user guides, and handouts for the UN collection
Conducting training in the UN web site searching and use of UN databases
Round-table meetings and seminars on UN-related issues
Translation of important UN documents in local language(s)
Interaction/Cooperation/Contacts with UN Offices in your country
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1. Selected UN publications may be put on newbook display in the main reading room. 2. Will direct clients to the website. 3. Provide links to the UN sites.
Editing Agency Liaison Reports for the International Documents Task force in the American Library Association
course-related instruction for the university
Lectures, workshops, audio-visual projections
Conducting training in the Int'l Org's statistics materials
Including UN publications in bibliographies and abstract journals published by INION
Dans notre catalogue les publications de l'ONU sont signalées par une icône représentant le sigle de l'ONU
Promote awareness on Poverty eradication campaign yearly
I appointed a new team member to take over the management of UN documents and hope  to run workshops for other library staff. 
The collection is being given priority attention so as to maximize its use, especally as a resources in participating in UN Day.
Referencias personalizada
Participation in the STAND UP TAKE ACTION, exhibition of pictures
Confección de bibliografías. Difusión de Novedades Bibligráficas. Boletín de Efemérides Internacionales. Participación en los Modelos ONU mediante asistencia bibliográfica. Servicio de Referencia Electrónica. Realización y apoyo bibliográfico del Proyecto
Se trabajo con una Escuela de Nivel medio.
Only prints UN publications received displayed
Including UN information in course-integrated library instruction and general library orientations and tours
Holding workshops
Description du fonds documentaire des Nations Unies à la bibliothèque -  Aide individuelle à la recherche de documents des Nations Unies
Classroom bibliographic instruction 
We publish bi-monthly newsletter and distribute by paper, e-mail and web-site to local public libraries, universities, and other related institutions.
Training was conducted in relation to the DevInfo Software through UNICEF
Conducting lectures on themes of the year by experts
Library Instruction
cursos relacionados en como buscar y utilizar los documentos y las herramientas de la documentacion de la ONU
Work with Univ of Virginia Model UN
seminars about UN documentation in collaboration with UN office in Tunis
We are behind in all of these.
Provide training in research for Model UN
Talleres Explic ONU (va en archivo adjunto)
Talleres, seminarios,difusion en escuelas y colegios y univesidades sobre el material de la naciones unidas folletos, revistas, afiches publicados por la onu, declaraciones, todo el material audio visual con se cuenta la biblioteca
We have had an exhibit on UN Day
Se ingresa algunos de los documentos que se recibe en el Catálogo web de la Biblioteca
Open day twice a year
Journée porte ouverte
Programs & Events co-sponsored with local UNA chapter
UN resources are included and covered in the Information literacy classes which are organised by the library for students and users
Library orientation and in coordination with the High School Department when they celebrate United Nations Month
We inform the faculty of new titles through a blog.
Participacìón en Programa de la Red ONU, Difusión de efemérides
Participation at events organized by the United Nations Association of Hungary
Se distribuye las Publicaciones de Naciones Unidas en los boletines de alertas bibliográficas y hemerográfica. Asimismo, se analiza los diversos documentos de las Naciones Unidas y se registra la información en la Base de Datos de hemeroteca.


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