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2010 Survey - Results
I. Confirmation of compliance with the conditions of deposit
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VIII. Please provide the current SHIPPING ADDRESS
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IV. Client Services
9. What are the main areas of UN research at your library?
248 Replies received

Summary of replies:
Agriculture, Asia and Africa, atomic energy, child labour, children’s rights, children, civil society , climate change, commerce, communications, community development, conflicts between states, country information, country profiles, crime, cultural heritage, culture, culturedemography, development, development, diaspora studies, diplomacy, disarmament, drugs, e-governance, economic statistics, economics, education, energy, environment, environment and human rights, environmental law, finance and health, food, gender equality, gender issues, global “problems without passports”, globalization, governance, health, historical UN documents, HIV/AIDS, human development, human rights, humanitarian assistance, humanitarian affairs, humanitarian law, immigration, industry, information technology, intellectual property, international, international business, international law, international organizations and courts, international relations, international trade, intervention, Israel’s relations with the UN and Member States, labour, law of the sea, LDCs, maps, Micronesia and Pacific region, Middle East, migration,millennium development goals, monetary, multimodal transport, narcotic drugs, nations, natural resources, non-renewable resources, nonproliferation, nuclear, nuclear energy, nutrition, Palestinian Question, peace, peace and security, peace-building, peacekeeping, piracy, policy, politics, population, population data, population statistics, poverty, poverty reduction, preservation of natural ressources, proliferation, refugees, relations, science and technology, sciences, security, session proceedings, shipping trade, social movements, social rights, sociology, statistics, terrorism, tourism, town planning, trade law, trans-boundary issues, transport, transportation, Treaties, UN Data and poverty, UN development reports, UNDP reports, unemployment, urbanization, voting records, water problems, water resources, welfare states, women, women and children, world heritage, zones of conflicts.
10. What is the monthly number of requests for UN information resources and services?
246 Replies received

Because many of the UN Depository Libraries reported that they do not keep usage statistics for UN information resources and services, we could not accurately calculate an actual quantity of requests.

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