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Fall 2015 term
14 September – 11 December 2015

Registration is now open for both placement exams and courses.

Register online

You can do this from any computer with an Internet connection. 

Follow 'How to Register' instructions - below and on our course brochures.


Registration Help Clinics

will be open to help you, if needed on
Wednesday, 22 July from 10-3pm
from 8 September - 2 October 2015




1pm - 4pm

Stop by DC1-244 at the times listed.

How to Register

Get ready

1. Check if you are eligible to take our courses and if you have to pay: eligibility
If you need it, see 'Make a payment' below for details about how and where to pay.

2. Register to take a placement test IF you

  • have never taken a language course at Headquarters and are neither a beginner nor highly fluent. **If you're highly fluent, contact the relevant language Coordinator to discuss options.
  • had been in a 'Level' course in a language, but took a break for more than 2 terms

3. After you know your level, choose up to 2 language courses or up to 3 if two or more are short-term courses.

4. Set up an Inspira account if you don’t already have one*.

  • If you are staff, use your staff Inspira account. You need that to register.  If you try to register and can't find our courses, click on 'Contact Us' via Inspira and ask for access to New York lanaguage courses.

5. Make a PDF copy of:

  • your UN grounds pass, and IF your pass expires before 27 March 2015, get a signed letter from your supervisor or EO confirming your contract extension
  • (for paying students) your receipt from the Cashiers Office, S-20th floor. Find out  how much to pay in paragraph 71 in our 2015 Information Circular.


1. Log in to Inspira.un.org

2. Click on Main Menu - (Self Service), Learning - My Learning.

3. Search the catalog by typing in the box placement or the name of the course, and then click on ‘Search’.

4. Click on enrol to the right of the placement test or course you want.  If there is more than one option, again click on ‘enroll’ to the right of your preference.  For day/time/place click on View details - ScheduleNew York .

5. Upload PDF documents (see above).

6. Click the ‘I agree’ box and Submit Enrolment.  You’re not enrolled yet - Wait for a
    confirmation e-mail.

Make a Payment

Who needs to pay?

  • Cash-paying students.
    • Can you take classes - and do you have to pay? See eligibility
    • How much do you have to pay? See rates
  • Students with fees due (No Show or Incomplete Attendance fees)

How to pay?

  • Pay via cash or cheque (payable to the United Nations) at the:
    • UN Cashier’s Office
      S-2031 (20th floor of the Secretariat building)
      any weekday, 10am and 3.30pm
  • Students receive a receipt - of which attach to their online registration page. 
  • Students must upload proof of payment with each course registration.  Registration will only be approved if the online application includes this proof of payment.