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Placement Tests

What is it?

Your scores on a placement test help us determine the best course(s) for you.

Do I need to take

No, if you:
  • are a beginner in the language.  Simply enrol in Level 1.
  • can prove that you are very proficient in the language.  For example, show us your:
    • passing score on the UN Language Proficiency Exam (LPE), 
    • diploma from a university that uses the language for instruction; or
    • high score on an internationally recognized proficiency exam. 
  • are a native speaker in the language.

Yes, if you:

  • have not yet taken a course in the language in our programme, or
  • are a returning student who has not taken a course for two terms or more.
When is it?

Most languages offer two options:  once 'early' (~two months before the term); and once 'late' (~two weeks before the term).
We offer three terms per year:
Fall (September - November); Winter (Jan - April); and Spring/Summer (April - July).

Check here placement exam dates for Fall 2015 language term.
How do I register for a Placement Exam?

Look at our Registration Page  to find out when, where and how to register for a placement test.

*Be sure to register before the last placement exam.