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Arabic Programme Summary

Around 250 staff and diplomats take Arabic classes each term. The programme offers 13 sections of regular courses from level 1 (beginners) to level 9 (advanced). There are more than 9 special courses including Media, Conversation, Proverbs, Listening, LPE, and Cinema. These courses are taught by the coordinator, 1 full time teacher, and 5 part time teachers. A few of our students have gone to study in Arabic speaking countries (two to Egypt and one to Syria) and we offer with choosing institutions. We also have an unofficial arrangement with an institution in Cairo to offer classes between United Nations LCP term times. The Arabic Language Programme invites one or two overseas speakers (artists, university professors, media officials) to meet with its students. Our students are also invited to attend events organized by the United Nations Arab Club and other cultural events organized in the New York Metropolitan area.