Current term: 19 April-- 9 July 2010
End of Term Exams:
12-16 July
Holidays: 31 May, 5 July
Registration for Sept-Nov 2010 term: 7-25 June, 23-27 August (11:30 to 1:30 at DC2-200; 1:30-3:30 at M-14001)

Next term: 7 Sept - 26 Nov 2010
End of term exams: 29 Nov - 3 Dec
Holidays: 10 Sept, 17 & 25 Nov
Registration for winter 2011 term: 25 Oct - 12 Nov.



Congratulations on your decision to study the Russian Language!

Language courses in Russian are offered to promote linguistic balance within the Organization and to improve the language capabilities of its staff, who work in a multicultural and multilingual environment. The purpose of these courses is to provide United Nations and Permanent Missions staff with the opportunity to achieve proficiency in Russian, which is one of the six official UN languages, and to develop greater respect for diversity.

Courses are organized for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. In addition, specialized workshops in specific areas, such as listening, reading, speaking, writing, and cultural awareness, are also offered.

Thank you for your interest for the Russian Language.

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