Courses Overview

The Russian Language Programme at the United Nations Headquarters in New York offers Regular and Special courses in the Russian language. All types of courses are evaluated by continuous assessment, including end-of-term examinations, placement tests, students' feedback and class-observation.

Regular courses (core programme) are Russian classes that focus on general skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. They give the students a good foundation in lexis (vocabulary), syntax (grammar), phonology (pronunciation and intonation), semantics (meaning), and pragmatics (language in context).

There are 9 levels of Russian Regular courses, articulated as follows:

Russian Regular level 1 Elementary A
Russian Regular level 2 Elementary B
Russian Regular level 3 Lower Intermediate A
Russian Regular level 4 Lower Intermediate B
Russian Regular level 5 Intermediate A
Russian Regular level 6 Intermediate B
Russian Regular level 7 Upper Intermediate
Russian Regular level 8 Advanced A
Russian Regular level 9 Advanced B

In addition to the nine levels of the core programme, a variety of Special courses is offered, such as:

Russian Media-Assisted Course Advanced
Russian Refresher Course Advanced
Russian at the Cinema Advanced
Advanced Reading in Russian Advanced
Listening strategies Beginner/Intermediate
Conversation 1 Beginner/Intermediate
Conversation 2 Intermediate/Advanced

These courses reflect the students' interest in developing the oral and cultural aspects of the language, but other options are available to ensure coverage of all possible skills.

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