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The Russian Language Programme (RLP) at the United Nations is offered to promote linguistic balance within the Secretariat by improving the Russiian language skills of its staff and the staff of missions to the United Nations.

The RLP at Headquarters offers three terms a year. Each term lasts twelve weeks with an additional week for end-of-term written and oral examination.

The regular Programme consists of nine levels of language instruction (from beginner to advanced levels): three hours per week for levels 1-7, and four hours per week for levels 8 and 9.

In addition to the core Programme, several special courses are offered in response to participants’ interest and need to enhance their skills in specific areas. They include: Conversation Courses for beginner/intermediate and advanced levels, Advanced Reading course, Refresher course, Media-Assisted course, Writing Workshop, Listening Strategies course. These courses involve one or two hours per week.

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