Regular English Courses           

Level 1 to Level 8
There are eight levels of regular English language courses, from beginner to advanced, plus Intensive Listening and Intensive Reading
Each regular level involves 12 weeks of classes.  Levels 2 – 8 meet in three one-hour classes per week.  Level 1 meets in four one-hour classes per week. All the regular classes, levels 1 to 8 including Intensive Listening and Intensive Reading, meet at lunchtime for one hour between 12 pm and 3 pm.
Students are required to take end-of-term exams in all levels.

Intensive Listening and Intensive Reading Courses
The English Language Programme regular course includes Intensive Listening and Intensive Reading. These courses are associated with the Focal Skills Approach that has proven to help students reach communicative competency goals more quickly.

This means that the English Language Programme focuses on listening comprehension skills in levels 1 – 3 and on reading skills in levels 4 – 6.  It also means that students who fail the level 3 end-of-term exam will be given the choice of either repeating level 3 or taking Intensive Listening. Similarly, students who fail level 6 will be given the choice of either repeating level 6 or taking Intensive Reading. Students must pass the Intensive Listening course before moving to level 4 and the Intensive Reading course before moving to level 6.

End of Term Exams
End-of-term exams consist of a written exam lasting one and a half hours and an oral exam lasting approximately 10 minutes. The written exam is given in the evening or in the early morning during the first part of week 13.The oral exam is an interview between a student and an examiner who will be another teacher in the English Language Programme. The oral exams also take place during the first part of week 13.

Make Up Exams
Students who are unable to sit for the scheduled end-of-term exams due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a mission assignment, must inform their teachers and write a formal request for an early make-up exam to the English Language Programme Coordinator. The request should include a legitimate reason for their absence during exam week, such as an unexpected mission assignment or illness.

Students are discouraged from requesting a late make-up exam since it is given just before the new term begins and a passing grade will not guarantee a place in the next level class. Continuing students and new students are given priority for the following term.

Please note:  The Language Proficiency Examination is administered by the Examinations and Testing Service, who have a website explaining the LPE exam.  This language exam is not a part of the Language and Communication Programme (LCP). The language courses in the LCP are designed primarily to promote communicative competence in a language, not to prepare candidates for the Language Proficiency Exam.  

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