The English Language Programme is aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference.  Regular courses range from A1 through B2.  Specialized courses are offered from A1 through C1/C2.


Regular and special courses provide guided practice in the use of real language for both professional and non-professional purposes. The courses enhance, expand and reinforce the language skills learned in all previous English learning and aim to develop a threshold working knowledge of English.

In the classroom, students communicate in English to expand their vocabulary and to develop grammatical accuracy. At the beginning levels (A1/A2), students focus on listening and speaking as well as fluency.  Grammar and vocabulary are introduced through direct instruction and communicative exercises. The intermediate to advanced level courses integrate all skills in real communication.  A task-based evaluation process provides students the opportunity to build on their skills in an active classroom.  At B1 and B2 levels, students engage in discussions and debates, interviews and exercises.  Students write letters, summaries, emails and other correspondence. This action-oriented approach ensures students can translate their developing English skills into their work settings. 

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