Jodi Nooyen

Jodi Nooyen joined the United Nations Language and Communications Programme in 2001as an English instructor. Her English teaching career began in her home state of Wisconsin, where she taught Hmong refugees in 1991, and, since then, she has taught English and/or English teacher training courses in Puerto Rico, Japan, Los Angeles, Venezuela and Ethiopia.

She has a special interest in teaching with technology. In addition to writing several articles and making many conference presentations on this topic, she also initiated a ‘Teaching with Technology’ course to assist other language teachers in creating websites and using technology to supplement their teaching. Her website is In addition, she was a member of a ‘Netiquette work group’ and has developed both a course and guidelines for the effective and efficient use of Email at the United Nations.

Jodi received her Masters Arts (MA)degree in Applied Linguistics and the Teaching of English to Students of Other Languages from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). She has also taken courses in both Global Affairs and Management Practices at New York University (NYU).

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