Study Guide for the ELPE

The United Nations English Language Proficiency Exam (ELPE) is administered by the Examinations and Tests Section at UNHQ. The exam is offered once per year in September. To learn more about who can take the exam, where it is offered and how to register, please visit the LPE website.  

Format of the exam
The ELPE has an oral part and a written part.  The two parts are graded seperately; they are not averaged.  To pass the exam, candidates must receive a score of 65% or above on both parts.

Preparing for the exam
Click on one of the parts of the exam below to find out more about what it includes and how to prepare.

Oral exam Interview (10-15 minutes) Passing Score = 65%
Written exam
3 hours, 10 min.

100 points

Writing to a set theme (20 points) 50 min.
Passing Score = 65%
Listening Comprehension (25 points) 40 min.*
Reading Comprehension (30 points) 60 min.*
Vocabulary (10 points) 15 min.*
Grammar (15 points) 25 min.*
*These are only suggested times.  Test-takers have only 50 minutes to complete the writing section, and have 2 hours 20 minutes to complete the other four sections of the written exam.

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