An Overview 

The listening section, which counts for 25 points, is divided into four parts:
 5   Short Dialogues     (5 questions)
10  Statements            (10 questions)
 5   News Items            (5 questions)
 1   Long Interview       (5 questions)

The listening section contains some items that are work related and some that are more general. They are designed to test the candidates’ listening skills - not their memory or math skills, but there are sometimes questions that may seem “tricky.” This is not intentional. 

Everything is read twice and there is a fairly long pause after each question to allow the candidates to read through the four answer choices. Candidates are allowed to take notes on the exam booklet while listening to the texts.

Each short dialogue and news item is followed by one comprehension question. Choose the best answer from four choices.

After each one-sentence statement, you'll choose which of four sentences is closest in meaning to what you heard.

For the long interview, you will first hear it in its entirety, without interruption. Then you will hear it in two parts - with relevant questions following each part.


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