An Overview 

The oral exam is a 15-minute interview (talk) with either a full-time English teacher (UNHQ, UNOG) or with a designated interviewer (OAH).  Candidates registered for the LPE are assigned a 15-minute time slot for the oral interview. The oral interviews usually take place just after the written exam - but at some duty stations, they may happen before.

The interview is very informal. The candidate and the interviewer (English teacher) chat about whatever topics arise such as the candidate’s job, home country; travels, hobbies, interests, or family.  The important thing is for the candidate to speak as much as possible and to demonstrate the ability to discuss a variety of topics.

The interviewer/teacher does not evaluate the candidate; the interview is recorded and the recording is sent to outside evaluators who listen and assign a score for the candidate based on the oral rating scale.


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