An Overview 

The grammar section, 15 points,  includes only one type of exercise:

30 Sentence Completions 

This section usually includes two stories or conversations of 15 questions each.  In order to answer each question correctly, the test-taker may need to consider how the sentence 'fits' into the larger context.

As in the reading comprehension section, the question types are fairly typical of any standardized exam.  For example, questions might focus on verb forms (agreement, tense, aspect, mood); modal verbs; conditionals and “wish”; transition words; word order; inverted word order; gerunds and infinitives; embedded questions; reported speech, or other advanced grammar.

Although some English grammar differs depending on dialect (e.g. British vs. American),  these differences do not appear on the exam.  All ELPE grammar questions have only one correct answer for all native speakers of English.


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