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Department for General Assembly and Conference Management

Office of the Under-Secretary-General

The Department for General Assembly and Conference Management is currently headed by Under-Secretary-General (USG) Ms. Catherine Pollard. The USG is responsible for all activities of the Department, as well as its administration, and represents the Secretary-General in meetings related to the functions of the Department and in intergovernmental and expert bodies as required. She/he is responsible also for guiding integrated global conference management involving Headquarters and the United Nations Offices at Geneva, Vienna and Nairobi, which includes the establishment of conference management policies and standards and the allocation of resources and capacity of the conference servicing operations in order to ensure optimal delivery of the conference servicing workload at the four duty stations.

In addition, ex officio the Head of the Department chairs the International Annual Meeting on Language Arrangements, Documentation and Publications (IAMLADP).

The Assistant Secretary-General (ASG) – currently Mr. Movses Abelian - is the Deputy to the USG. This function includes assisting the USG in the performance of his/her functions, including by assuming responsibility for all operational activities at Headquarters and policy-setting activities of the Department; acting as the Officer-in-Charge of the Department in the absence of the USG; and serving as focal point for integrated global conference management issues, and in this capacity as additional reporting officer for the heads of the conference management operations at UNOG, UNON and UNOV.

The Office of the USG is headed by a Chief who is accountable to the Under-Secretary-General The Office supports the Under-Secretary-General and the Assistant Secretary-General in the discharge of their responsibilities. The Office provides overall coordination in the preparation and revision of the departmental inputs to the strategic framework and the programme budget; provides support to the USG in her/his role as Secretariat-wide Coordinator of Multilingualism; provides substantive and technical secretariat services to IAMLADP and annual coordination meetings of the conference managers of the Secretariat; and coordinates internal and external communication of the Department. The Office organizationally includes the Business Analysis Section, which supports business automation specific to the conference management and conference servicing operations of the Secretariat in coordination with the Office of Information and Communication Technologies (OICT).


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