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Department for General Assembly and Conference Management

Office of the Director of GAEAD

The Office of the Director coordinates and supervises the work of the three Branches outlined below. Moreover, the Office offers support to the Office of the President of the General Assembly, both by providing analytical reports on meetings and other developments and by giving expert advice on the application of the rules of procedure and on best practices and past precedents regarding the work of the Assembly.  The staff of the Office advise the General Committee (Bureau) of the Assembly on matters concerning the organization of work and on United Nations conference practices.  As such, they are the repository of all information on the Assembly – its past sessions and current developments, including on the question of reforming its work in order to make it more efficient and effective, an effort often referred to as the revitalization of the work of the Assembly.  The Office also organizes the meetings of the Bureau of the Assembly.  In addition, the Director serves as the Secretary of plenary meetings of the Assembly and of its General Committee.

Involved as it is in the organization and proceedings of three of the charter bodies of the United Nations – the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, and the Trusteeship Council, the Office is on the front line of interaction with the States Members of the United Nations and the delegates who represent them.  Its primary goal is the provision of information to and the enhancement of communication among Member States as they work within the intergovernmental bodies of the United Nations system.

Following the conclusion of each session of the General Assembly, the Office of the Director notifies other departments within the United Nation Secretariat of mandates (resolutions and decisions) that have been adopted and indicates responsibility for their implementation.  The Office also plays an important ongoing role in reporting on the substantive developments occurring within the Assembly, including during informal consultations, and prepares regular analytical briefs for the Under-Secretary-General for General Assembly and Conference Management on major developments in the deliberations of all intergovernmental bodies for which technical and substantive services are provided.


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