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Department for General Assembly and Conference Management

Contractual Translation Unit

Because the translation and text-processing workload of the Department exceeds - by design incidentally to ensure full utilization of in-house resources - the capacity of staff at Headquarters and other duty stations, up to 25% of the work is done by outside translators and text-processors on a contractual basis.  The responsibility for outsourcing that work, which may involve parliamentary documentation, publications and legal agreements among other types of texts, is in the hands of the Contractual Translation Unit.  In the dispatch of its work, the Unit currently contracts over 220 translators, more than 60 text-processors and, most recently, six companies.  In recent years the Unit has been handling over 20 per cent of the Department’s translation workload annually.

The Unit currently has 12 staff who perform a myriad of tasks.  They assess translation and word-processing capacities, negotiate with contractors in assigning jobs, prepare contracts, monitor and respond to queries, consult with submitting departments, release completed jobs to the next service, and prepare the required payment requests for the Accounts Division.  Above all, they strive to ensure that all jobs are completed properly, in high quality and on time.


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