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The Geospatial Information Section (formerly Cartographic Section )is comprised of a team of experienced mapping and GIS specialists. It is equipped to undertake a range of geospatial and cartographic services related to the work of the Secretariat, including the preparation of small-scale illustrative, large-scale stand-alone maps and GIS products. To a lesser extent, the section provides advisory geographic/cartographic services on technical and research issues.

As the geospatial authority for the Organization, the Section formulates geospatial standards and provides the necessary clearance for maps published under the UN imprint (Guidelines for the Publication of Maps, ST/AI/189/Add.25/Rev.1).

Many maps produced by the Section are an integral part of UN documents; some are prepared for briefing purposes only; and others are prepared for use by the Security Council and not for general distribution. Each map has a unique number that appears in the lower left-hand corner. This number is used to archive and retrieve maps in the Geospatial Information Section. Most digitally-prepared, current maps can be downloaded from this site, and are also available for reference in the Map Collection.

To date, no complete catalogue of United Nations maps has been published. However, most UN maps are referenced in the Dag Hammarskjöld Library's United Nations Bibliographic Information System (UNBIS), and may be searched by map number, geographical area and subject descriptors.

- Publication permissions for maps

Please read the rules for using UN maps in your publications and forward your request.

UN maps are open source material and you can use them in your work or for making your own map. We request however that you delete the UN name and reference number upon any modification to the map. Content of your map will be your responsibility. You can state in your publication if you wish something like: based on UN map…

If you want to use the UN map (or maps) as a UN document, i.e. without modification in specific publication, book or article we can issue publication permission on behalf of the UN Publication Board. It is free of charge and is conducted via email. Please tell us a few words about your forthcoming publication along with a list of the UN maps you would like to use.

Please do not reference the map by URL; instead provide the map name, map number, revision number and date. This information can be found at the lower left corner of each publication.

Please see the following example;

Democratic Republic of the Congo, no. 4007 Rev.8 January 2004

Please send your request to: Map Permissions

We do not permit posting of our maps into your web site (if the map is not part of a specific publication, book or article) because we revise the maps very often and want to ensure that only an updated map is posted on the Web. You can however create links to our site instead. No permission is required for the link.





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