Enhancing Youth Participation in Peacebuilding and Democracy in Yemen

Mar 17, 2017
An UNDEF-funded project has just begun in war-torn Yemen to assist peacebuilding and promote democracy by empowering youth to participate more in civic life. 
This project addresses challenges posed by ethnic and religious tensions. Implemented by the Khadija Foundation for Development, the project aims to build youth capacity by involving them in advocacy campaigns and raise civic awareness by creating youth networks. The goal is to engage youth on how to build peace beyond the life of the project. 

International Women's Day: UNDEF and Pippi join ONE Campaign for girls education

Mar 06, 2017
Around the world today, 130 million girls didn't go to school. Not because they didn’t want to, but because they weren’t able or allowed. They are denied an education for a variety of reasons, from cultural norms and costs to violence and extremism. The result is that these 130 million girls don’t have a fair chance to live a decent and productive life, and the entire world misses out by not benefitting from their potential.

Learning lessons for democracy: UNDEF participates in the 2016 Warsaw Dialogue for Democracy

Jan 05, 2017
Civil society representatives from around the globe gathered in Poland from the 15-16 December at the Warsaw Dialogue for Democracy to discuss ways to reinforce the values crucial to democracy.
Under the overall heading “From Past to Future: Strengthening Democratic Values” participants considered a range of important questions from citizen oversight over elections to the role of education in democracy. There was also a workshop focusing on citizen activism in the European neighbourhood.

Germany triples its support for UNDEF

Dec 23, 2016

Germany increased its support to the United Nations Democracy Fund in December 2016, contributing two million euro in addition to 1.5 million euro in April 2016. Germany's Ambassador to the UN, Harold Braun, handed over the contribution to UNDEF Executive Head Annika Savill on 23 December, the day before Christmas Eve. This brings to 3.5 million euro the amount Germany has disbursed to UNDEF in 2016 alone, and some 20 million euro since the Fund was created 10 years ago.


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