Latin America and the Caribbean

Building indigenous and women’s participation in Guatemala

Jul 23, 2013

UNDEF funds a project to create a more inclusive democracy in Guatemala by increasing the participation and recognition of indigenous women and traditional Maya community authorities. The project, active in in Chisec and Raxruha, northern Alta Verapaz, focuses on more effective participation of indigenous women and indigenous community representatives in Municipal Development Councils and other public planning and decision-making processes.

Pour l’éducation civique des jeunes de province pour la reconstruction d’Haïti

Jul 11, 2012

Il est aujourd’hui admis que la reconstruction d’Haïti -- après le terrible séisme que le pays a connu en 2010 -- ne peut pas être que physique. Elle doit être aussi et surtout intellectuelle, psychique. Mieux encore, il incombe à chacun des acteurs de travailler à la refondation de l’Etat-Nation. C’est dans cette perspective que s’inscrit le projet "Education civique des jeunes de province pour la reconstruction d’Haïti" financé par le FNUD.

Training defenders before Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Jun 06, 2012

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights recently underwent extensive reform, including new rules of procedure to improve victims’ access to legal representation. The new rules facilitate procedural equality between parties, increase transparency, and advance more consolidated participation by the alleged victims. Those without access to legal representation are represented by pro bono justice professionals rather than, as before, by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights or by civil society organizations with specific agendas.


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