Strengthening Environmental Protections through Participatory Democracy in Ukraine

Oct 24, 2016

An UNDEF project, in Ukraine worked with local people to engage in democratic processes to protect their environment.  The project, “Strengthening Participatory Democracy for Effective Environmental Protection in Ukraine”, was implemented by the organization Environment-People-Law.  Despite facing intense political instability, such as the outbreak of a revolution in 2013 and military conflict in 2014, the project was successfully completed in January 2016.

A Pilot for Empowering Syrian Women Refugees

Sep 10, 2015

An UNDEF-funded project in Turkey works with Syrian women refugees in Reyhanli, in Reyhanli, near the Turkey-Syria border, so as to give them opportunities to organize, engage and support other refugees while preparing for the future, whether in Turkey or in Syria. The initiative thus focuses on the sizeable Syrian refugee communities who are currently seeking to build a life in Turkey and not planning to move on to Europe or elsewhere.

Kosovo* local governments urged to beef up participatory budgeting and legislative consultations

Feb 03, 2014

An UNDEF Kosovo* project works to engage civil society in monitoring local governance to advance transparency and accountability in local governance. After one year of monitoring local government institutions, 12 civil society organizations published their first Annual Performance Report.


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