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Democratic and economic empowerment of vulnerable youth to prevent extremism in Tunisia

Apr 25, 2017
A new UNDEF-funded project in Tunisia works to include and economically empower vulnerable youth in the northeastern governorates of Beja, Jendouba, Kef and Siliana.  Implemented by local NGO Tamkeen For Development, it skilfully links economic empowerment and political participation for youth at risk in poverty-prone areas of the country.

UNDEF project kicks off school for democracy in Algeria's Blida province

Dec 29, 2016

An UNDEF-funded project is being launched in Algeria to help consolidate democratic values and practices among young people in the northern province of Blida, with a particular focus on the rights of women and girls. The project agreement was signed on 21 December 2016 following negotiations among all stakeholders, including Algeria's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Interior, local government,.the implementing local NGO Association Djazairouna, and the UN Development Programme office in Algiers.

Access to justice in the West Bank

Apr 10, 2015

The right to free counsel for poor persons accused of a crime is enshrined in law in the West Bank. Yet the government legal aid system is not meeting the need and few lawyers are trained to provide effective criminal defence services. In addition, police, prosecutors, and courts often engage in practices that are unsupported by law and further undermine the rights of the accused.

UNDEF's signs first project of new round, will strengthen independent journalism in Libya

Sep 10, 2014

The first project of UNDEF's Eighth Round of Funding was signed on 9 September 2014, one of some 50 new initiatives that will be launched by UNDEF in this new Round. The project will work to strengthen independent journalism in Libya, so that local citizens have better access to information.

UNDEF project puts governance under scrutiny in Iraq

Jan 16, 2014

An UNDEF-funded project in Iraq has completed its work with six Governorate Councils to strengthen civil society participation in democratic processes and advance accountability in Government institutions. The project, implemented by the Um-Alyateem Foundation, worked in Baghdad, Babil, Karkuk, Najaf, Wasit and Diyala to establish civil society monitoring groups.


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