Advancing the rights of former slaves in Mauritania

Jan 02, 2013

Former slaves and their descendants -- in particular women -- remain victims of severe discrimination in Mauritania. Hampered by illiteracy and poverty, they are excluded from political processes, unaware of their human rights, and subject to electoral manipulation. UNDEF funds a project to advance their political participation, strengthen their decision-making skills and build political dialogue. In November 2012, the project held training sessions in the province of Medbougou on organizational and leadership skills, social mobilization and advocacy.


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Advancing principles for electoral justice in Africa

Aug 10, 2012

UNDEF supports an initiative for higher standards of integrity in Africa’s electoral processes, resulting in the Accra Principles of Electoral Justice. In a project implemented by Tiri Integrity Action, the Principles were agreed to in Accra in 2011 by a diverse group including African chief justices, electoral leaders and civil society representatives. To apply the Principles in Sierra Leone’s November 2012 elections, Sierra Leone’s National Electoral Commission sought assistance from Dr.

Empowering Liberia's youth and women in the democratic process

Feb 17, 2012

Although recent Liberian elections have generally been pronounced free and fair by the international community, studies show that even more than a decade after the end of armed conflict, some voters vote out of fear and ignorance. This is particularly true of rural women and youth, many of whom are illiterate and have no access to civic or voter education. This, in turn, contributes to wider governance challenges and corruption.


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