Empowering National Council of Paramount Chiefs of Sierra Leone

Sep 12, 2014

An UNDEF-funded project in Sierra Leone has empowered the National Council of Paramount Chiefs with a comprehensive five-year strategic plan to be responsive and accountable to the needs and rights of their people as well as contribute to sustained peace, security and development. It is one of several UNDEF projects in the Ebola-stricken country that prevails in the face of the epidemic, along with projects in LIberia and Guinea, the other two nations hit hardest by the deadly virus.

Building women grassroots movement in Uganda

Sep 04, 2013
An UNDEF project in Uganda works  to build  a critical mass of women grassroot activists who demand accountability and improved service delivery to communities. The project seeks to influence democratic processes through empowering communities to hold their leaders accountable and to demand for gender-sensitive service delivery. It also supports legislators in enacting gender-sensitive legislation and programmes. The project held a women's conference to provide an avenue for women to assess progress on the demands on their agenda. 

Developing democracy through community radio in Cameroon

Aug 02, 2013

An UNDEF-funded project in Cameroon works to promote a culture of democratic practices among young people, and to transform community radio into an effective tool towards this end. It gives rural, marginalized people an opportunity to to make their voice heard and to participate in discussions, decisions and actions that affect their collective well-being.

Amplifying the voice of women in politics and decision-making in Zimbabwe

Apr 23, 2013

An UNDEF-funded project in Zimbabwe works to empower women and increase their participation in politics and the decision-making process. The project, implemented by the Women and Law in Southern Africa Research and Education Trust, trains women in the Binga District to be popular opinion leaders, who will in turn train other women and men and spread the acquired knowledge across their communities.

Breakthroughs for UNDEF-funded rights litigation in Southern Africa

Mar 04, 2013

An UNDEF-funded project for using public interest litigation to strengthen human rights and the rule of law in Southern Africa has yielded some significant developments in just one year. The initiative's implementers, the Southern Africa Litigation Centre, recently litigated a case in Botswana on behalf of four elderly sisters challenging a discriminatory customary law practice prohibiting women from inheriting a family home.

Expanding public policy dialogue in North Africa

Jan 21, 2013

UNDEF funds a new project in Libya, Morocco and Tunisia to engage youth and civil society in public policy dialogue. It works through more than 200 local public policy programmes, training trainers and producing learning materials under the Project Citizen curriculum, developed in a successful earlier UNDEF-funded project in Morocco. The curriculum helps youth and civil society groups analyze public policy analysis and hold informed policy dialogue with decision-makers and community leaders. Local, national and regional conferences will be held to showcase the best public policy proposals.


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