Projects Covering Countries in More than One Continent

Project Number Project Location Implementing Agency Project Title Executing Agency Approved Amount
UDF-GLO-08-215 Global Freedom House Global Internet Freedom Network   $300,000
UDF-GLO-08-214 Global Coordination SUD  Pour une diplomatie non gouvernementale    
UDF-GLO-08-213 Global Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior Assessing Democracy Assistance    
UDF-GLO-08-212 Global Council for a Community of Democracies From Lisbon to Vilnius: Implementing Civil Society's Action Agenda      
UDF-GLO-07-130 Global International Forum for Democratic Studies (a division of NED) Strengthening  the Network of Democracy Research Institutes (NDRI)    
UDF-GLO-07-129 Global National Democratic Institute for International Affairs Cultivating National and Grassroots Women Leaders with iKNOW Politics    
UDF-GLO-07-128 Global International Federation of Journalists Global Forum Media Development GFMD Global Forum: Creating Democratic Media Cultures    
UDF-GLO-07-127 Global International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance The ACE Electoral Knowledge Network Regional Resource Centres    
UDF-GLO-07-126 Global CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation Civil Society Capacity Building for Participatory Governance    
UDF-GLO-06-051 Global Oslo Governance Centre Communication for Empowerment UNDP Norway $230,650
UDF-GLO-06-050 Global United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Implementing the Convention against Corruption in emerging democracies UNODC Vienna $342,650
UDF-GLO-06-048 Global International Centre for Democratic Transition Sustainable Democracy: Protecting the Rights of Vulnerable Groups International Center for Democratic Transition $327,964
UDF-GLO-06-047 Global Council for a Community of Democracies Building a Global Civil Society Network for Democracy Council for a Community of Democracies $256,500
UDF-GLO-06-046 Global United Nations Development Programme – Democratic Governance Group ACE Electoral Knowledge Network—Regional Resource Centers and Capacity UNDP- Democratic Governance Group in New York $349,160
UDF-GLO-06-045 Global National Democratic Institute for International Affairs International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics (iKNOW Politics) National Democratic Institute for Internatinal Affairs $336,451
UDF-GLO-06-044 Global IFES, Inc. Achieving Consensus:  Global Standards for Political Finance International Foundation for Election Systems- Washington DC $309,696
        TOTAL FUNDING: $4,773,071