How are Proposals Assessed and What is the Selection Process?

Application Page FAQs. 

How will my proposal be assessed by UNDEF?

All project proposals submitted to UNDEF will be assessed by experienced independent consultants against the 10 following criteria:

1. The project promotes the objectives of UNDEF
2. The project draws on the United Nations comparative advantage
3. The project will have a significant impact
4. The project will encourage inclusiveness
5. The project will enhance gender equality
6. The project has strong prospects for successful implementation
7. The applicant organization has a strong track record
8. The project is technically sound in conception and presentation
9. The project represents good value for money
10. The project has strong prospects of sustainability beyond the project duration.

Who decides what projects will be funded?

 Final decisions on funding are taken by the Secretary-General on the basis of recommendations from the Advisory Board. The Board has 19 members, composed of Member States, representatives appointed by the Secretary General including representatives from civil society and the Executive Director of the UN Office for Partnerships. UNDEF advises the Permanent Missions of the countries of the projects recommended by the Advisory Board. 

How can I find out about the status of my proposal?

Only those who reach the short-list stage will be contacted. Around June, successful short-listed applicants will be notified at the electronic address indicated in their proposal, unless otherwise advised on the UNDEF website. UNDEF does not have the capacity to respond to individual queries. Short-listed applicants will be invited to draft a project document for negotiation with UNDEF. This is the final stage of the selection process, as only those who successfully negotiate a project document will be selected.