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verall, there are slightly fewer women than men in the world. For every 100 men, there are 98.6 women. If you just take the adult population, the ratio is different. There are nearly 1 billion adults in the world. Two out of every three of them is a woman. Out of every four households in the world, one is headed by a woman.

Ratio of women to men by region, 1970 and 1995
The number of women for every 100 men
1970 1995
Developed regions
Europe 106 105
Other developed 101 103
Northern Africa 99 97
Sub-saharan Africa 104 102
Latin America and Caribbean
Latin America 99 100
Caribbean 106 103
Asia and Pacific
Eastern Asia 98 97
South-eastern Asia 99 100
Southern Asia 95 95
Central Asia 90 92
Western Asia 93 95
Oceania 93 95
World 99.6 98.6


Look of the gender ratio statistics for different countries.


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