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Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on Their Destruction
Oslo, 1997
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  The Convention's objective is the unconditional ban of anti-personnel mines, to end the suffering and casualties caused by these weapons. This includes a mandate to destroy all anti-personnel mines currently in existence.

Key Provisions

  Each country that is party to this Convention commits never to

  • use anti-personnel mines
  • develop, produce, acquire, stockpile or retain anti-personnel mines, or transfer, directly or indirectly, anti-personnel mines to anyone
  • assist, encourage or induce anyone, in any way, to engage in any activity prohibited to a country that is party to this Convention

  Each of these countries commits to destroy (or have destroyed) all stockpiled anti-personnel mines it has or controls within four years of entering the Convention, and to destroy mines in mined areas within 10 years. If a country is unable to destroy all its anti-personnel mines, it may ask for an extension of the deadline.

  Countries are allowed to keep or transfer a number of anti-personnel mines only for the development of and training in mine detection, mine clearance, or mine destruction techniques, and to transfer anti-personnel mines for destruction.

  Countries that are party to the Convention commit to facilitate the fullest possible exchange of relevant equipment, material and technological information; they have the right to participate in this exchange. Countries in a position to help with the care, rehabilitation and social and economic reintegration of mine victims, mine clearance and stockpile destruction, commit to do so. Countries may ask for help in developing a national de-mining program.

  Each country that is party to the Convention commits to what are called "transparency measures." No later than 180 days after entering the Convention, the country must submit a report to the Secretary-General on all of the following:

  • their national implementation measures
  • their stockpiles of mines
  • the location of all mined areas
  • the types and quantity of all anti-personnel mines kept or transferred
  • the status of their program for converting and destroying stockpiles of mines and mines in mined areas
  • mines destroyed after the country's entry into the Convention
  • technical characteristics of mines
  • measures to warn the population

  After that first report, each country must update its report annually.

  Instead of a verification system with on-site challenge inspections, countries that are party to the Convention adopted a procedure to facilitate and clarify compliance.

  Countries that are party to the Convention must commit to take all appropriate measures (legal, administrative and other) to prevent or stop people under its jurisdiction or control from any activity prohibited under the Convention.

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