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Core Treaties
   On 15 May 2000, UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan sent the leaders of the Member States a letter identifying the twenty-five treaties most central to the spirit and goals of the UN Charter. He invited these leaders to make use of the opportunity provided by the Millennium Summit to rededicate themselves to the international legal order by signing and ratifying those treaties.
   The Cyberschoolbus Treaty Project will give
you an overview of the core treaties themselves and—we hope—an understanding of why they
are so important to all our lives, and the life of our planet.
Treaties you might not expect
   The treaties you see on this site represent
only a fraction of those deposited with the Secretary-General of the UN and currently in force. While not every agreement deals with life-or-death issues, every one touches on the lives of all individuals.
   Some, however, cover issues you might not expect.
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